The NXZA-TK (from now on called NX-4) NetworX from Caddx represents a new approach to the design of security systems. The NX-4 is probably the most. The NetworX NX-4 from CADDX Controls represents a new approach to security systems design. Drawing on our experience in the world market as the largest. Click the photo of your keypad or choose from the list below. CADDX Manuals. CADDX NX E User Manual (PDF, MB) ยท CADDX NX E User Manual.

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The Rinse Only light is rapidly flashing If multiple keys are stuck, the Rinse Only light will flash. Jun cacdx, Dishwashers. If the entire number should be tone dialing, program a “” in the first segment.

I have freestanding Series 8 dishwasher. This location contains segments of features each. The Simon XTi provides a graphical user interface for programming. You may not post new threads. BB code is On. If so, there are two cases where that light will flash rapidly: When desired, this built-in driver can be easily converted to cafdx amp voltage output through programming. CA60 Plus Software Version 3. Newsletter Sign-Up Signup Email address. I assume its just the setup of my alarm Factory default is “” and the communicator will make the same number of attempts as those programmed in location.

This will enter the data and automatically advance to the next segment of the location.

The arming process will be stopped if a code is entered on the keypad. Location is used to select which events are reported to Phone. This procedure is repeated until the last segment is reached. Factory default is “” and the communicator will make cqddx attempts to the first number. The maximum number of zones available is regardless of devices added.


Once a module is enrolled, if it is not detected by the control, the “Service” LED will illuminate. The keypad will beep times indicating that the loading is in progress. The alarm report will also be sent. Consult the instructions for your central station receiver to determine which format is compatible.

CADDX NetworX NX-4 Control/Communicator Installation Manual – PDF

When you run out of segments, it cadcx back to the section selection level. Tell us some more! If caaddx location is left unprogrammed, account code will be used when the second phone number is dialed. I’m glad that worked out. Tub pump air manua came off. Before ringing ADT i decided just to do a little more searching on the net for info on the nx-4, and came across some system called a “DAS NX-4” hosting from an australian site, so i looked up the installer manual for the das nx-4 and it seemed almost identical to nxx4 caddx installer manual, however the locations called features in this manual were different numbers!

If tone dialing is desired, program a “” in the segment where tone dialing should begin. Various locations have been intentionally omitted. Hi, I need to do a similar thing.

That’s pretty straight forward: Off if performed at disarming. These instructions do not purport to cover all details or variations in equipment nor to provide every More information.

I went back in to do a review to see if I could better understand the settings and there is one thing I am not sure about. To exit at any time during this mode, enter a user code. Then get a ladder and push the learning button on the garage opener motor. Auxiliary Code s 2 3 4 5 6 “Quick Arm” Digit: If you desire the duration of the Dynamic Battery Test to be 0 minutes, caddxx should program []-[0]-[r] in segment of this location.


Pressing any numeric key between [] and [] for selection of a feature, will make the corresponding LED illuminate feature ON. UL Listed and Classified.

Owners Manuals

Just to make sure I understand. After the last segment of a location is programmed, pressing [r] will save the data, exit that location, turn the “Ready” LED off and the “Armed” LED on. It is normal if the Clean light stays on after the cycle is complete. I have never programmed an alarm before, only computers: Introduction to the IDS You add the digits: Under this condition, if a force armable zone is not secure, the “Ready” LED will flash.

The NX- will attempt to arm after every minutes of inactivity until caedx next time loc. I cddx to change one of my current zones which is a basement door that currently alarms when tripped.

Inside Front Glossary of Terms Either there is a hardwired expander board, or they used the zone-doubling scheme to get 7 zones out of a NX If the account code is digits long, program all segments. Power down the system to clear.

See maual 0, page Enable Keypress Silence option – silences the pulsing keypad sounder for seconds when a key is pressed Enable Armed Status Suppression – will not allow the keypad to display faulted or bypassed zones when the system is armed Enable Mabual, Fire, Medical Beeptone – will sound a short beep to verify that the keypress was accepted Suppresses the “Service” LED – will not allow the “Service” LED to illuminate for any reason.