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Biasing Q2 colder makes for a lot less crunch at similar settings. Finished the mods – video clips coming soon. Mzadct Mlnprg Mcdr2g Mic We are not responsible for any accidents, delays or other issues caused by the forwarder. All this being said, I use my DS-1 largely in the first 3rd of the rotation of the gain knob. The caps Datasheey simply swapped C3’s for C11’s and vice versa.

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It was too thin fizzy, but had plenty of crunch and rawness. If the items is defective, pls notify us within 3 days of delivery. All Electronics components are original new 1. So far I noticed one thing. The problem is the corner frequency will go up when you lower the resistor value.


mitel mtae:info: Semiconductors, Stock Items

I mean, it wasn’t meant to be, unless I’m mistaken. Johnny, if you’ve already got that Guv’nor clone you built, what’s your goal with the DS-1?

I suppose if you wanted to turn it into a metal machine, that could m5232al a way to go, but otherwise, why bother? Ic New And Original.

I listened for a few seconds and thought to myself “self, you can pretty much cop those tones with your stock DS If I may be the devil’s advocate here This is even with the hotter 2.

It’s a Guv V2. Beyond that, it does get significantly more fizzy than I care for. The funny thing is that I visited proguitarshop.

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Your name or email address: Original new stock ic MP electronic components Description: I haven’t played a DS-1 since the early ’90s and I didn’t like it. Reducing the Q2 bias cured some fizz R6 and R9 to k and 1kbut it also drove the pedal less.


Contact For Free Shipping. FaraldiNov 5, It seems counter-intuitive to lower the resistor value for more gain, but that is what it does. Dataeheet of course, you just like to tinker, which I fully understand. I want to make it a touch more versatile in the non-LEDs I switch in.

Nov 6, To address your comments on R13 Faraldi: Nov 5, I want the added gain, but would like to keep the character around 70Hz seeing how most guitar speakers don’t even go much lower than that anyway and in a Dist pedal woof is as much of a concern as fizz.

I think I will not lose much of the main DS-1 character in my few mods, I just want less fizz and more mids