Tome 6 La Reine des Loups – Tirage BD Must. exemplaires numérotés et signés par les auteurs. album cartonné format 25*35 cm EXTRAITS. x. Tome 5 Le cercle des miroirs Tirage de tête. Édition luxe de l’album ÉDITÉE PAR BOULEVARD DES BULLES, BD WORLD, BD EXTRAITS. x. Discover ideas about Storyboard. Luuna (8 storyboard) – L’attrapeur de rêves. StoryboardBook JacketManga ComicsBook Cover Art. More information. Saved by.

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Luuna Volume 1

But unbeknownst to Luuna, this night belongs to Unkui, the Evil One, who demands that her soul be shared! I think it’s meant for younger audiences elementary-middle school. Nothing amazing here, but it’s alright. It seems like a cross between Pocahontas and Princess Mononoke. I find the base of Native American culture interesting, but the characters and story weren’t as compelling as I’d hoped.

Edward Gauvin Goodreads Author Translator. Luuna is the character that moves the story along there really isn’t much too her personality wise she is like Pocahontas mixed with brother bear characters you don’t get a feel for who she is Luuna review Art: Return to Book Page.

Sarah rated it really liked it Jul 12, Nice story, has potential with the duality of good and evil. Luuna on a rock face with a staff during an eclipse, shifted with both her wolves next to her.

Vera rated it it was amazing Jan 29, BakerStTardis rated it really liked it Jan 28, David rated it it was ok Sep 01, It would have added more depth to see Luuna struggle more w I found this book flipping through stacks of comics and graphic novels at a comic convention and decided to give it a try, knowing nothing about it.

Clara Seiller rated it it was ok Dec 22, Born in Brussels, he began drawing on canvas in Lyon at age eighteen.

Also tonally discordant, like if someone took Underworld and superimposed Alvin and the chipmunks. Her totem animals are cool twin wolves one black with white around his eye and one white with black around his eye the ying luuuna yang of luuna while the white one doesn’t talk that much and you really don’t get a feel for their personality’s either they are still really fun to bv at.


Now Luuna is cursed with not one, but two totems.

It’s interesting but doesn’t keep you interested enough and is easy to put down and forget about. Sissi rated it it was ok Oct 13, Just look at that cover art! This isn’t just withholding information to build suspense–it’s just sloppy writing. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Jun 11, Sidekicks Wanted rated it it was ok Shelves: Still, nice to see a Native American female as a heroine in a graphic novel.

May 14, Emily rated it it was ok Shelves: We are also gd no background story as to why they need totem animals in the first place or why she can’t have luuna or why hohopah the heart of the forest kind of like God and grandmother willow in this story didn’t protect her better or even why her tribe since this seems to be WELL KNOWN about this demon thing sent her out on that night to get her totem so the first 50 pages are that.


Luuna – Tome 5 Tirage de luxe

Tokohnya mengingatkan pembaca pada tokoh Pochahontas. Mary rated it it was amazing Feb 28, Luuna is the character that moves the story along there really isn’t much too her personality wise she is like Pocahontas mixed with brother bear characters you don’t get a feel for who she is and this works towards disconnecting the reader from her.

Simple straight forward and could be used for anything instead we get a slightly confusing plot. Thanks for telling us about the problem. There she will face Hohopah, the Heart of the Forest and be assigned her totem, the animal incarnation of her inner-self.

He moved to France and published several successful series, including KookaburraAtalantaand Luuna. The artwork was pretty too.

I liked this book. Also the nudity in this is off the scale and unnecessary luuja also never understand why in ,uuna cases while ljuna is shown and two cases her bathing and an after the full br shift are understandable flashback upon flashback of the old man while he was young naked does not make for a fun reading expiration D Cover: Luuna est suivi par trois esprits, des pinpitus que seuls les paumanoks peuvent voir. Wonderful idea horrible execution of said idea. I wish there’d been more interaction and conflict between the black and white wolf totems.

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He also has a cult fallowing type tribe which isn’t given much of a backstory as to why they became a cult in the first place. And the end is a major WHAT? She never has a staff like that, her shift’s take place during a full moon not and eclipse just to name a few this is however striking and eye catching and will intrigue readers to pick it up B- Rating: Refresh and try again. While the action was good and the wolves and concept cool the lack of proper flow, plot, well done art, killed the story.

It seemed like a good idea but wasn’t easy to get into also the nudity totally turned me off as well as the confusing aspects mentioned above also it was to easy to put down in one day I put it down over 5 times at least the idea had so much to offer but was ruined with fan service and fan disservice and a confusing storyline that didn’t give enough background information or clue us in as to what was going on!

The first 50 pages of the comic are about her getting her totem animals and then being cursed pretty much the devil and God both want her soul and decide to share her she then needs to fix this or so she thinks and goes and looks for the great elk to give her wisdom to fix this confused?

It created a whole world of forest dwellers that is appealing. Tokyopop out of business My rating: It was an okay start, but the art and the talking sprites remind me of the Disney version of Pocahontas.

Did I mention the nature-gremlins are freaking obnoxious?