Editions. A Loving Scoundrel . Johanna Lindsey · Paperback. Buy from Buy from – arrow icon. Hive · Waterstones · Amazon. Danny has grown. A Loving Scoundrel by Johanna Lindsey – THE MALORYS ARE BACK! Johanna Lindsey brings to glorious life her beloved aristocratic family of adventurous. #1 New York Times bestselling author Johanna Lindsey sweeps readers into the privileged world of English aristocrats as she presents a new novel of passion.

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We’ve got our man. The ever resourceful Regan devises a way to show up the girl by introducing Danny as Jeremy’s betrothed at a ball. Joanna did it yet again.

If the ,oving of the room really had been asleep, as was to be expected, they certainly wouldn’t have been awakened by this intruder. A discolored white shirt was under it with a few ruffles at the neck, black trousers of the long variety, and no shoes.

They capture fifteen year old Danny, who grew up on the means streets as a pickpocket. The return of the Malory family is a reason for rejoicing for fans of the series.

Gara2 membentu Jeremy mencuri dari seorang Lord, Danny diusir dari rumah penampungannya. Paperbackpages. The rings he must have considered trophies, a testament to his gambling skill. Tell us what you like, so we can send you books you’ll love. This johannz Danny to dress up and for Jeremy to show her off. I started this one Sunday morning and ooving it late, and I do mean late, Sunday night say around 3 am.

The sparks fly between our hero and heroine with Jeremy doing quite a bit of chasing and Danny doing quite a bit of evading, but really, what else do we expect from the son of James Malory?

After a certain chain of events occur, where she is then kicked out of the gang she has lived most of her life in, she knows her only recourse is to go to Jeremy and demand compensation for what his actions has done to her life. Never mind the Jeremy scounxrel all “sleep with me, it’ll scuondrel fun!


A Loving Scoundrel Book Summary and Study Guide

A Loving Scoundrel is by far one of my favorites of this series, Jeremy is definitely a rascal and rake just like his rakehell of a father, however he also has a gentleness side johannna him that the reader gets to see. With the humor, lovable characters, and romantic intensity that have placed Johanna Lindsey’s six previous Malory novels in the ranks of the best-loved and most widely read romantic novels of our scoujdrel, Johanna Lindsey delights readers with an emotionally powerful tale of an irresistible scoundrel who meets his match in a brave, strong-minded young woman and can’t help but fall in love.

Some fans have been scuondrel more than a decade for the dashing Malorys to return; their enthusiasm—not to mention Lindsey’s perennial success—should ensure this hits the lists big.

Under the tutelage of Jeremy and his cousin Regina, Danny blossoms into a lady. I was always waiting and anticipating what the heroine was going to do or say next and this gave the story an imbalance.

But she had some goals and a woman like her needed to stay focused Including in this character extreme beauty produces a polar-axis that is constantly swinging north to south and vice-versa, and it is what makes this novel work. Find me something for binding.

However, in the process of this miraculous salvation, Jeremy encounters the one and only female to inspire such incredible lust and awe that he vows that first night of meeting to have her in his bed.

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A Loving Scoundrel by Johanna Lindsey

I’m not sure why I keep reading Lindsey, other that the fact that I know that the declarations of love alone won’t make me gag. He’d lost three thousand pounds, his coach, and not one but two family heirlooms.


Jun 19, Seffra rated it liked it. Jeremy goes along for the ride, and when they’re caught in the act, it takes Danny’s quick wit and Jeremy’s steady nerve to escape. The last man who’d called him pretty had lost a few teeth because of it.



She’s charming, gracious, and good spirited, and quite frankly that’s a relief. One was so old it was the family signet ring, and the other, quite valuable because of its gemstones, had been passed down in Percy’s family lindssy five generations now.

View all 8 comments. A great read indeed!! Quotes from A Loving Scoundrel. You could count on a great alpha hero, and a heroine who fought him when he was being a pig lindeey could make him reveal his tender side, and that wonderful love lindsfy that unfolded. Although she is drawn to Jeremy by passionate feelings she has never experienced before, she refuses to be anything more than a servant to him because she knows he is not the marrying kind.

And the icing on the cake is that she doesn’t take crap from her hero. He’s our man, or boy as the case may be. Now tongues are wagging, raising the question of her true identity, which threatens not only Danny’s chances of capturing Jeremy’s heart but her very life. But he was not nearly as bad as Anthony and James, who could not stop bickering whenever they had a chance and showed derision to anyone they did not think was up to par. A pesar de todo, pueden venir sorpresass que uno nunca se espera.