Title, Lo Bueno de verdad. Author, Virginie Despentes. Publisher, Anagrama, ISBN, , Length, pages. Subjects. Fiction . Lo Bueno de Verdad by Virginie Despentes. (Paperback ). Available now at – ISBN: – Paperback – Anagrama – – Book Condition: Used: Good – 1ST.

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She is ‘more King Kong than Kate Moss’, hence the title. Mixing general observations and personal experience, Despentes talks about the s It is not necessary to cespentes with Virginie Despentes in all points to appreciate this passionate pamphlet against toxic masculinity in the context of gender relations, societal norms, the class system and capitalism.

No quiero que me abran la piel para hincharme los pechos. It’s the same thing for being a woman: Even today, when women publish lots of novels, you rarely get female characters that are unattractive or plain, unsuited to virginje men or to being loved by them.

Lo Bueno de Verdad Spanish Edition, Virginie Despentes. (Paperback )

Yet how can males fully understand the wrong in the abstract when the two sexes are kept so separated and placed in relations that discourage normal, negotiated sex between equals fespentes even with benefits exchanged where situations are not equal.

Lists with This Book. Despentes roved widely before turning to writing, spending her teenage years hitchhiking and following rock bands. Pasaron otras cosas, pero esas fueron las dos principales. Despentes verdav angry from personal experience — because she has been raped, because she has been a sex worker, because she has also existed as one of the ‘ugly ones’.

No son lo suficientemente dignos.

It’s a damn shame. I am reviewing the English Edition, published by Serpent’s Tail, rather than the French Edition Let’s get the negatives out of the way quickly because this is an important little book that might have got the honour of five stars if its faults had been more sincerely addressed by its Editors.


Entdecken Sie jetzt alle Amazon Prime-Vorteile. This is because her own experiences with porn and prositution differ from the “norm” – she wasn’t employed by pimps, and she wasn’t a porn actress.

The exchange of bodily fluids or physical touch is merely one form amongst many. No es una novela esperanzadora, pero eso no quiere decir que no sea una novela fenomenalmente escrita. They must be joking, the modern equivalent of the double constraint: This approach might be equally applied to those abused as children or abused in any way, male or female.

Responder con brutalidad a algo que te amenaza: En una parte de la entrevista habla de como mucha gente describe el concepto de “trabajo sexual” sin entender realmente que implica o sin definirlo, si quiera. Sep 28, leynes rated it really liked it. Mixing general observations and personal experience, Despentes talks about the sexual revolution, gender equality, motherhood as an ideological concept, rape culture, prostitution, and porn, and she dissects the movie “King Kong” as verdqd metaphor for the repression of female sexuality hence the title.

And it’s true that many of her views are provocative and highly subjective, but they are always interesting and fearless, and this makes for a text which can serve as a starting point for all kinds of important conversations, which is no small feat.

Su rabia es su motor. An dde humanity burns through the aggressive rage in these pages. Siempre hemos existido, pero nunca hemos hablado. It is also so ‘French’ as to make it dangerously close to being dismissed in Anglo-Saxon circles. When the censorship imposed by society’s leaders is destroyed, what collapses is the moral order built on the exploitation of the masses Despentes points out that it’s often men as well as women who suffer from traditional norms because the pressure to conform also applies to them – and she tries to pin down who profits from this system.


Give birth in vrrdad where accommodation is precarious, schools have surrendered the fight and children are subject to the most vicious mental assault through advertising, TV, internet, fizzy drink manufacturers and so on.

King Kong Theorie

She’s angry at men for perpetuating sexist behaviour and using women; angry at women for denigrating prostitutes and porn stars when in her view marriage is just as exploitative as sex work. Nadie cree necesario decir que Houellebecq es guapo. Teoria king kong, Virginie Despentes 1 3 Mar 02, Nov 11, Camille rated it it was amazing.

Simplemente yo no formo parte de ellas.

La histeria de la groupie. Hagamos dspentes que hagamos, siempre hay alguien que se esfuerza por decirnos que es una mierda. TinyLetter Twitter Instagram Tumblr But guess what, Mrs.

May 02, The Reading Bibliophile rated it it was amazing Shelves: Most rather than all men because many men just won’t get verdxd Queremos ser mujeres decentes. Her most famous novel, and film of the same name is Baise-moia contemporary example of the exploitation films genre known as rape and revenge films.

Empiezan bien, virgine terminan o abruptamente o sin la fuerza inicial. Querer follar con mucha gente: It is not the oppression by men of women as a class that is the issue but that of all by an elite of collaborating men and women who control what is permissible or not permissible in sexual relations. For example, her description of the men she slept with as a part-time and occasional prostitute rings true.