Our league is coming up to a restart and I’m thinking about running some lizardmen. I’ve built the warband (4 hero’s, totem warrior with halberd. from memory lizard men came out with the lustria campaign, i think there was a dark elf warband at the same time. icant really emember, tho i. Hello! Several people have asked me about my Lizardman warband in Mordheim , and I’m doing a WIP thing for them. I was using my Seraphon.

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These Skinks tend to be smarter, stronger or even attuned to the magical energies of the world. Their power bestows them one reroll of a single dice per battle.

Your warband may include up to 1 Skink Priest. The Scar-Veteran may choose one skill from those on his table. Fight on brave Dragonfire, fight on. Serpent great god Sotek infuses his chosen with his blood-fuelled anger.

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Furthermore if he is hidingenemy models subtract —1 from their Initiative value when determining if they can detect them. The model suffers a -2 WS penalty in hand to hand combat, but still jordheim shoot normally. They are powerful warriors whose entire bodies have been designed for combat.

As this is a domain of skinks, Saurus heroes can never become leaders of the warband and leadership of Saurus or kroxigor can never be used for route tests and the warband can never have more Saurus warriors than there are skink warriors. This game seems to be doing pretty well so far, so I don’t believe it too far out of the question Originally posted by longwoodmagic:.


A Skink may not choose to take Strength lizardmrn.

Lizardmen Mordheim Warband

That said, if this does well City of the Damned Store Page. Skinks are aquatic and suffers no penalty for moving through watery terrain and receives a cover bonus while in such features.

Overall Lizardmen performed very well but having a cap on Saurus really hurts kordheim list. It cannot be bought later. On this mission they provide the heavy support to the warband. With my dwindling time to get any sort of game in, smaller games like Mordheim lizardmeb becoming more and more appealing. Temple Guards start with 8 experience.

Before the Lizardman, i feel that the game should have at least all the original Warbands from the actual core game. The blowpipe is a short hollow tube, which can be used to shoot poisoned needles.

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This power can be used only on rolls directly affecting the character including one dice of 2 d6 or 3 d6 rolls and including route tests. Saurus warriors may buy dark venom and black lotus lziardmen use it on their close combat weapons as normal, but they have to purchase it as normal from the trading chart.

The Skink Priest summons a bolt of lightning from his fingertips that races toward an enemy. A model may go into hiding even if they ran in the movement phase or has already shot with a missile weapon. It is the favored weapon of many skink hunters.

The Skink has been trained in the art of stealth. Chameleon Skinks are used to scout out the enemy for the High Born, they therefore can infiltrate see Skink Special Skills. You must log in or sign up to reply here. The needles fired by a blowpipe count as always being coated in black lotus if you roll a 6 to hit, the target is wounded automatically. It is these hunter Skinks that are employed as scouts and missile troops when Lizardmen go out to war.


Skink henchmen may buy low-strength reptile venom for moordheim missile weapons at a cost of 5 mirdheim per weapon. Both of these items are treated as a common item however Skinks may only use them on missile weapons. This special mark means that they are chosen to greatness.

That the light may shine upon you, and that us that strive from darkness may look up your limited atm glory and aspire.

We want Lizardmen. :: Mordheim: City of the Damned General Discussion

No, create an account now. Their scales become thicker and harder and their warrior instincts become more honed. These Skinks often become attendants to Slann, warriors or priests. Still, by the time I was done my main fighting Saurus were some of the deadliest characters in the league!

All trademarks are mordhei, of moordheim respective owners in the US and other countries. Whacka’s replacement, The New Guy, managed to die twice and was replaced twice. DragonfireJun 18, The Lizardman warband must include at least 3 models.

Random Skinnie model to scale.