Watch movie and read libretto and translation of La donna e mobile, an aria for tenor from the Italian opera Rigoletto by Giuseppe Verdi. English Libretto or Translation: DUKE Women are as fickle as feathers in the wind, simple in speech. Verdi’s opera Rigoletto: containing the Italian text, with an English translation Libretto Text by F. M. Piave based on V. Hugo’s Le roi s’amuse. Rigoletto is an opera in three acts by Giuseppe Verdi. The Italian libretto was written by . These include Jonathan Miller’s production for the English National Opera, which is set amongst the Mafia in New York City’s Little Italy during the.

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Rigoletto | Libretto | English Translation |

Ah, she is there, then! Verdi finally completed the composition on 5 Februarya little more than a month before the premiere. Composers Operas Links Forum About. They greet each other warmly: Padre ti sono, e basti.

As she is carried off, she drops a scarf. Which of us nurses no grudge against him for his cruel ways? Verdi immediately realised he was paralysed and roughly pushed him on the stage, so he appeared with a clumsy tumble. Here is your man, dead.


Do not die, or I shall die beside you! There’s nothing you won’t do for money, but my daughter is beyond any price. And you, you serpent! Eigoletto this signal, a buxom young woman in gypsy costume comes jumping down the stairs.

And his dear wife is an angel! He goes into an adjoining room. Fidelity — that tyrant of the heart — we shun like pestilence. In the whole opera, there is only one conventional double aria [ He lies at my feet! Mind you tell me the truth.

If you rely on engllish you will regret it, and if you trust her you are undone! Hearing sounds and fearing that her father has returned, Gilda sends the Duke away after they quickly trade vows of love: Bless your daughter, O my father — in heaven above, near my mother, I shall pray for you evermore. Do you dislike this young man, then? Scene 2 The end of a cul-de-sac Left, a modest house with a small courtyard enclosed by walls.

She says that she fell in love with him, but that she would love him even more if he were a student and poor. Ah, even if he betrayed my love I shall save his life with my own!

And who dared do this? My daughter, good night. Venti scudi hai tu detto? She dies in his arms. The Duke returns followed by Rigoletto, then Ceprano. Views Read Edit View history.


The scene in which he retired to Gilda’s bedroom would be deleted, and his visit to the Taverna inn would no longer be intentional, but the result of a trick. How his mood has changed! Beyond the river lies Mantua.

Women are as fickle, etc. The clock chimes twelve. Monterone is to go to the dungeon. DUKE Women are as fickle, etc.

La donna e mobile

englisj Ah, even if he betrayed my love I shall save his life with my own! Sparafucile drinks from the bottle which the Duke left unfinished.

Meanwhile the courtiers suspect that Rigoletto himself has a mistress and plot their revenge. Lords, forgive me … Give me my daughter back, to me my daughter is everything.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. Yet none can call himself fully contented who has not tasted love in her arms! At a ball in his pibretto, the Duke sings of a life of pleasure with as many women as possible, and mentions that he particularly enjoys cuckolding his courtiers: