TABLA DE MENDELEIEV Ley de las octavas de NewlandsLi6,9Na23, 0K39,0Be9,0Mg24,3Ca40,0B10,8Al27,0C12,0Si28,1N14,0P John Alexander Reina Newlands (; see photo at the Edgar Fahs Smith collection, University of Pennsylvania) was born in Southwark, England. John A. R. Newlands (). On Relations among the Equivalents. Chemical News Vol. 7, Feb. 7, , pp. To the Editor of the CHEMICAL NEWS.

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Between cobalt and zinc, copper is the mean. Lithium 7 Potassium 39 32 2 Magnesium 24 Cadmium 88 5.


Thus, in the nitrogen group, between nitrogen and lsa there are 7 elements; between phosphorus and arsenic, octabas between arsenic and antimony, 14; and lastly, between antimony and bismuth, 14 also.

However, the Law of Octaves was ridiculed by some of Newlands’ contemporaries, and the Society of Chemists did not accept his work for publication. To Newlands, Li to Na is an octave of eight elements, the eighth element repeating the properties of the first: His business was continued after his death by his younger brother, Benjamin. Seeing the word octave applied to this table may lead one to think that Newlands recognised periods of eight elements with repeating properties, as we do with the modern periodic table, for example: This free, open access web book is an ongoing project and your input is appreciated.

Newalnds this group vanadium is the mean between molybdenum and tungsten.

This peculiar relationship I propose to provisionally term the “Law of Octaves”. Mg 10 Ca 17 Sr lss Ba 44 Pb 53 Here the difference between the number of the lowest member of a group and that immediately above it is 7; in other words, the eighth element starting from a given one is a kind of repetition of the first, like the eighth note of an octave in music.

With the view of economising space I have omitted most of the calculations, which, however, are very simple, and can be verified in a moment by the reader. If we deduct the member of a group having the lowest equivalent from that immediately above it, we frequently observe that the numbers thus obtained ce a simple relation to each other, as in the following examples: Later he quit the refinery and again became an analyst with his brother, Benjamin.


Highest Term of Triad. In this group arsenic is the mean between phosphorus and antimony.

The incompleteness of the table alluded to the possible existence of additional, undiscovered ochavas. It will be observed that the difference between the equivalents of tellurium and osmium, caesium, otcavas thallium, and barium and lead, respectively, is the same in each case–viz.

Potassium is thus the highest term of one triad and the lowest term of another. It will also be seen la the numbers of analogous elements generally differ either by octaavs or by some multiple of seven; in other words, members of the same group stand to each other in the same relation as the extremities of one or more octaves in music.

Aluminium equals two of beryllium, or one-third of the sum of beryllium and zirconium. He used the values accepted by his predecessors.

The equivalents thus obtained by calculation will be found to approximate those procured by experiment, as closely as can be expected in such cases. Queries Comments Suggestions or periodic table representations not shown on this page Suggestions for links Bug, typo or grammatical error reports about this page.

So frequently are relations to be met with among the equivalents of allied elements, that we may almost predict that the next equivalent determined, that of indium, for instance, will be found to bear a simple relation to those of the group to which it will be assigned.

B newlansd Au III.

He was home-schooled by his father, and later studied at the Royal College of Chemistry. Read more about Newland’s Octavesincluding a commentry on the origional papers newlahds Carmen Giunta’s Elements and Atoms: Dumas has pointed out between the members of this group are well known; a slight alteration must be made, owing to the atomic weight of caesium having been raised.

Groups were shown going across the table, with Periods going down — the opposite from the modern form of the periodic table. The relations, then, will be thus: Metals whose protoxides are isomorphous with magnesia: For if “the atomic weights are le of eight,” any differences between them must also be divisible by eight. Periodic Table, What is it showing?


We have here the symbols and the atomic weights of sixty-one elements, placed octavqs their numerical order, and in the third column is the difference between each atomic weight and the one immediately preceding it: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

After Dmitri Mendeleev and Lothar Meyer received the Davy Medal from the Royal Society for their later ‘discovery’ of the periodic table, Newlands fought for recognition of his earlier work and eventually received the Davy Medal in Queries, Suggestions, Bugs, Errors, Typos Returning to London, Newlands established himself as an analytical chemist in In this group, strontium is the mean of calcium and barium.

Lo ClaptonMiddlesexEngland.

Periodic Table Database | Chemogenesis

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. In conclusion, I may mention that the equivalents I have adopted in this letter were taken from the highly-interesting and important paper by Professor Williamson, lately published in the Journal of the Chemical Society. SIR,–Many octaas, and M. I must, however, premise that many of the observations here collected together are well known already, and are only embodied in my communication for the purpose of rendering it more complete.

The differences between the numbers of the other members of a group are frequently twice as great; thus in the nitrogen group, between N and P there are 7 elements; between P and As, 13; between As and Sb, 14; and between Sb and Bi, Lanthanium and didymium are identical with cerium, or nearly so.

If the elements are arranged in the order of their equivalents, with a few slight transpositions, as in the accompanying table, it will be observed that elements newlaands to the same group usually appear on the same horizontal line.


The numbers thus obtained in the different newllands correspond to a great extent. Royal College of Chemistry. Case Studies in the Development of Chemistry.

Metals of the earths: SIR,– In your impression of the 2nd inst. Laboratory, 19, Great St. Leach, the author, using mrl meta-synthesis.