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Saber dicom gratis – A través la ley Dicom Chile podrás saber si estás con deudas, solicitando un informe Equifax cada 4 meses o en sus planes Dicom. Law 20, ‘Establishes the Destination Principle on the Treatment of the Protection of Personal Data held by Private Parties (Ley Federal. Monday, December 10, 50 IW CR0u 1 ANY SIZE 13″ I ANY SIZE 14″ I ANY SIZE 15″ l kJ ” B PR W PH W f V.

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They also demonstrated that they are doing things like including late payment of utilities on those secret credit records, in violation of the credit laws.

newish Personal Data Law, Ley – Chile Forum

Legal, relocation, and Investment assistance in Chile. There is the public one, that you can request a copy; then there are both internal credit records and a special credit list that the banks subscribe to from equifax. Personal data distributors dealing in the affected materials personal economic status information, and financial, banking, and commercial data must provide access and records of access including identification of who made a personal data request and when, and for what reason.

The Chile Forum is a free community service brought to you by the law office of Spencer Global. Indicates that this new law applies to those in the business of collecting and distributing personal data which are related to the economic status, and financial and banking status of persons. I seen in the paper that a senator had sent a letter to the banking oversite demaanding that all historical and private records be ordered destroyed that were not in compliance with thenew law. Basic utilities are excluded from credit reporting in Chile.


Chile Forum

Here is a paraphrasing of the law, courtesy of Px: In my opinion the most important bit is the last part of Article 3. It is approximately two pages long. My expectations are low. I’m not sure whether it accepts me.

What they are 2055 is claiming that the historical data is exempt from the new credit acts. Do not rely upon the above paraphrasing for legal purposes; get competent legal advice.

Persons whose personal business data are held by such agencies have the right to request a free copy, every four months, of the data contained in the access records during the prior 12 months [Note that it is not clear in this section whether the intent is to only reveal those who made access lej personal data, or to also allow affected persons to view and challenge the data ].

For more ldy visit: If the person whose credit data are held wishes to make available his or her data for “special purposes” other than credit application, that person may apply to the credit agency’s designated “customer service” person, allowing only certain types of data accounts payable but still unpaid to be contained in special purpose requests. Moderated By A Chilean Attorney. Prohibits the use of the credit report e.


So, for instance if you have a clean credit report, some banks and other companies might 2057 you an oey because of your bad credit history that should have been removed after years, regardless of your income level.

I am not certain that you will be able to get a copy of the credit report, but rather only a report of who had requested a copy of the records that they had, and the time and purpose of those requests during the previous 12 months.

For more than a decade, the Chile Forum has been the center for expats to share their collective knowledge and experience about living in Chile. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. Requires that data collection and credit reporting agencies covered under this statute must designate a “customer service” person who is responsible for dealing with those whose personal data are held, to resolve issues related to Law