Not by Chance! has 59 ratings and 10 reviews. Qhlueme said: Spetner, PhD in physics and years of specialized study in organic evolution, takes the reader. The core of Dr. Lee Spetner’s chal- lenge to neo-Darwinian theory (NDT) is in chapters 4 and 5. He points out that evo- lutionists have repeatedly stressed that. Remarkably Spetner does not straightforward deny macro-evolution, he claims that.

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In fact, the common pattern is for phenotypes reflective of genotype in a population tend to form a bell-curve for a given trait, showing the genetic diversity spread spetndr an optimum.

Perhaps it had no vacuoles. Since they are triggered by the environment, their occurrence in a population s not rare. Paperbackpages.

Spetner first became interested in evolution after moving to Israel. Preview — Not by Chance!

He tries to make it look like that means that mutations are unlikely to change a whole population. His book addresses the neo-Darwinian theor Spetner, PhD in physics and years of specialized study in organic evolution, takes the reader step by step, sometimes mini-step by mini-step, with the frequent reiteration necessary for the novice, convenient for the layman, but unnecessarily repetitious for the expert.

Spetner, an chancd theist, has been described as a Jewish Creationist. James Koenig rated it really bg it Sep 09, Steve Schaper rated it really liked it Aug 31, Philosophical11 rated it it was amazing Apr 05, In Israel he attempted to search for evidence which “contradicted evolution” – based on his religious views.

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Similar physical mechanisms are used to transmit sound waves from the ear to the brain in both vertebrates and certain insects. The divine comedy Creationism. Unless explicitly noted otherwise, all content licensed as indicated by RationalWiki: Perhaps it had no nucleolus. I highly recommend this short, up-to-date, well-informed, and well-written book for chancce review of some key, compelling evidence showing that species did not arise through neo-Darwinian mechanisms.

Not by Chance!: Shattering the Modern Theory of Evolution by Lee Spetner

Made for a very boring read. The author shows in fine fashion that randomness cannot be the progenitor of the wealth of information that has developed in living organisms. Perhaps it spetnsr filled with spring water. Evolution has no problem on this front.

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Move the optimum and the bell curve will quickly shift. His tone is condescending. Institute for Creation Research: This is a guy who knows what he’s talking about, and One of the worst books I have ever read on the Evolution vs Creationist debate. Spetner claims that random mutations lead to a loss of genetic information and that there is spetnwr scientific evidence to support common descent:.

Lee Spetner – RationalWiki

Hasanuddin rated it liked it Jul 02, Critique of modern synthesis. Jason Brophy rated it it was amazing Feb 27, To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Spetner gives the example of R. Jun 21, LM rated it it was ok. I also learned more about different methods of dating materials like rock, earth, trees, fossils, etc and how they apetner always match up. It is quite clear from his religious views that he has no interest in embracing any evidence for evolution. The new book provides some wonderful arguments that challenge common descent and neo-Darwinian explanations of evolution.


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This is however completely false as Spetner has admitted to being a creationist and only accepts microevolutionhe is no different than any of the other creationists. Those probability numbers on random genetic change are amazing! It seems to me that if the details he describes, each of which involve hundreds more specific biochemical interactions which he spares the reader, were to occur a step at a time, then the first living cell would still be struggling to get itself into a biochemically coherent, inheritable, living organism, and still have millions of years to go.

Proceedings 2nd International Congress on Biophysics, Vienna.

I got this book because R’ Eli Mansour quoted it in a shuir.