The Leangains approach is pretty straightforward: Eat all of your daily calories in an 8-hour window and fast the other 16 hours of the day. I just finished Martin Berkhan’s book The Leangains Method. It’s a great concept. It’s simple and it works. I’ve done it for 6 years. if I were to. Editorial Reviews. Review. Martin Berkhan is a veritable expert in a world full of charlatans. : The Leangains Method: The Art of Getting Ripped.

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Everything else relating to strength and body composition was basically identical between the groups. Just glad I read ‘Bigger, Leaner, Stronger’ first or most of this would have gone over my head.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. So much of the book is about himself and his views that really it reads like the crazed rantings of a egomaniac. Find out what the “IF Life” is all about and learn why your fears about not eating all day may actually be keeping you from getting the results you are after. Hi, the problem about this kind of approach to science is what I call the lack of resynthesis.

I drink cups of coffee per day. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Insightful comment Great tip Ludvig! The Leangains protocol consists of two phases; 16 hours of fasting, followed by 8 hours of feeding.

However, Martin says to eat protein for fat loss purposes due to DIT. Because like all the studies no one lifted weights in this study either the every other day diet thx.

Sure Fire Fat Loss – The LeanGains Approach with Intermittent Fasting : The IF Life

I got the book earlier this week and read it. There is a no nonsense approach to health and wellbeing in here.

I think this may help answer your question coming from a guy who actually does a lot of research on protein metabolism: Studi ini juga dibahas oleh Greg Nuckols, Martin Berkhan, dan Alan Aragon yang kini akan gua jabarkan untuk kalian juga. Customers who bought this item also bought.


Nice article Greg, I noticed the control group had a fasting window of 12h. My empathy is with him. Here are a few examples given by Martin in the book: Fresh, not in plastic box.

You can eat more of it without becoming fat. In this study at least, neither group gained muscle, but neither group lost muscle either. I have my own blog about fasting www. Tetapi, ada satu studi dimana orang-orang yang diteliti melaksanakan latihan fisik [4].

The other half ate at 8 a. I love your idea of alternating between creative days and implementation days. During the fasting window, you can drink zero-calorie beverages and you can sip some BCAAs around your workout if you have to train in the middle of your fasting windowbut restrict anything with any caloric content. You can only take the horse to water, you cannot make it drink.

They reported the shift to more fat reliance without any consideration of the borderline significance. Spend less than two hours a week in the gym to double your results in half the time, because less is more.

The “Leangains” Intermittent Fasting Study Is Finally Here • Stronger by Science

I finished the book in two days and leangxins some interesting point in the book that I will experiment with in my own routine which has been mostly in line with what is in the book. This meal will keep you full during the fast and exert an anti-catabolic effect on muscle protein stores by ensuring that your body has an ample supply of amino acids until the next meal. My point 3 was concentrated on the why of no changes in muscle.

This book reminded me of simplicity, showed me how I have strayed from the path, and motivated me back into what is, at least in my experience, the most do’able and sustainable approaches to living. Solid book that goes through a methodical process to get long term results. My name is Martin Berkhan and I work as a nutritional consultant, magazine writer appdoach personal trainer.


If you’re after the truth and straight forward workable principles that will get anyone ripped and athletic then here it is. This is just one example of a way that can get people results. However, this study does provide some evidence that IF may be more beneficial for your health than a traditional meal pattern.

Sure Fire Fat Loss – The LeanGains Approach with Intermittent Fasting

Is it an acceptable price to pay? Then again, I am not trying to lose weight. But I still think the difference in calorie intake is the more likely explanation, especially since there was no preliminary period to ensure all of the subjects were in neutral energy balance before the start of leanfains intervention.

The magic bullet, the one thing that makes all the difference. That really has helped me cut some belly fat without the fasts.

See all 7 reviews. Notify me of new posts by email. Testosterone and Approacch levels decreased, levels of several pro-inflammatory cytokines decreased, cortisol levels increased, insulin and blood glucose levels decreased, triglyceride levels decreased, T3 levels decreased and RER decreased slightly.

Since RR only goes from. And I somehow doubt that fasting for 56 hours or 10 days will be beneficial for hypertrophy or strength gains, regardless of the hormonal response. Here is his article which I am going to heavily pull from […].