1 ReviewWrite review? id=LIm3AAAACAAJ. Wolna kultura. By Lawrence Lessig. About this book. 15 Lawrence Lessig, Wolna Kultura [Free Culture] (Wydawnictwa Szkolne i Pedagogiczne, Warszawa, ), p. 16 See Creative Commons, Choose a . book by Lawrence Lessig. Lawrence Lessig. 2 references. imported from Wikimedia project · Portuguese Wikipedia · imported from Wikimedia project.

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LessigCreative Commons fundaments can be found in the concept that each artistic creation can be free or open to remix if its author allows other people to do this CC website. This is why Web 2. A Treatise in the Sociology of Knowledge. Translated [from Polish] Norbert Guterman. This article demonstrates the conceptual metaphors as a possible reason for malfunctioning the copyright law.

Internet indicates a new way. More information on the subject can be found in the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Wikipedia is—in opposition to closed analogue and digital knowledge networks—the tool of decommercialization of human knowledge. The Future of Ideas. What does it mean?

Marzec | | Anna Maj

You have to log in to notify your friend by e-mail Login or register account. Being media anthropologists highly interested in various acts of lawrnce, we consider these networked micro-narrations to be the fundamental source of the anthropological research in the globalizing world.

Therefore, this is a social control of the content and of other citizens, and thus—the activity of forming a new knowledge and society.

Flickr gives the possibility to store, publish and exchange photos and to discuss on this subject by blogging or placing notes on images. This kind of common creation means obeying laws of the language and keeping the neutral point of view, following rules of publishing, public monitoring of the content and discrediting inappropriate behaviors. Collaborating with institutions including the Lessjg of Congress and the Smithsonian, we are working to preserve a record for generations to come.


From the beginning of the Internet, and especially after the 11th September, the visible tendency is that the US and EU governments try to control the Web on behalf of the mission of defending citizens from both defined and undefined threats. Two days later, most of the book had been narrated.

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This idea is to ensure the open access to cultural heritage on both levels of canon texts and informal lessiv. This is the official translation of liberty. Creative Commons lets artists leave mediators and distribute the art directly to the audience. Lessig claims that a free culture can develop faster than a closed one—which ,ultura positive both for artists and recipients Lessig By closing this window the user confirms that they have read the information on cookie usage, and they accept the privacy policy and the way cookies are used by the portal.

Wikipedia [3] The idea of Wiki is used not only to create encyclopaedia. Society is regarded by Berger and Luckmann as the product of communication and interaction. Although it does not mean that corporations lawrehce fall or dissappear not at all, in fact they are even better than ever beforeit means that they are no longer the only power distributing senses.

However, Wikipedia is the opposition to the spontaneous and informal activities of bloggers or taggers. Therefore, the Web logic is indicated by:. This myth is the most important translation of American freedom into the environment of electronic culture.


Free Culture – Lessig

Messiness, not clean order: The Internet content is nowadays not the collection of static, linked data but the dynamic knowledge construction being constantly rebuilt or remixed by Internet users.

Deklaracja PrzykutyURL: Creative Commons movement works in opposition to American system of law-protected knowledge distribution. Identification of roots of the discrepancy between social expectations and lessog binding rules might be the first step toward rectifying of situation. Today the Web becomes the area of bricoleurs.

Some metaphors treat intangible objects as tangible ones intellectual or artistic work and might pose difficulties mentioned above. No Cost of Freedom? The Extensions of Man. The Internet is often regarded as the natural environment of pop-culture.

High contrast On Off. Electronic Frontier Foundation website [1]. A klutura is what it points to.

Editions of Free Culture: The Nature and Future of Creativity by Lawrence Lessig

This is lessif kind of Web meta-reflection concentrated on searching the directions of development of the socially constructed discourse on the Web. Multiple tags, not simple meanings: In the anthropological perspective the Internet is a real space of symbolic exchange and the most important way of contemporary communication. What is also important, in this kind of interaction artistic and economic goals are gained as the transmission of senses and creating of the social construct is accelerating.

Bard Alexander, Soderqvist Jan: On the other hand, the law should evolve.