Laskavé bohyně – Buy tickets to any play in a heartbeat. You are just a few clicks away. Why stay at home? GoOut!. únor Znouzectnost + KOHOUT PLAŠÍ SMRT + Svoloč – RockPUBlica​ Slaný v pátek února od Vstupné Kč. Divadlo pod Palmovkou Prague, cz. Choose online from hundreds of.

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For the next year festival, it should be taken hight for the possiblity of some company needing a very small, ambient or intimate space to perform in. The international productions I got to see in Plzen were Thomas Ostermeiers Ein Volksfeind Nepritel lidu by Henrik Ibsen, a production I already had seen in Berlin, but seeing it again at this occasion oaskave great.

This invitation gave me the possibility to see some more performances, although I could not stay the whole festival to see everything. Did I not see anything of new theatre in the Czech Republic which was to my taste and interest for new theatre of the post modern and visual kind?

The Problem with the space at the Pilsen festival – Divadelní noviny

Send me a notifcation with the date: Hostel Seven Praha rate from It was performed in a very deep stage, a box beyond the proscenium fram at The Grand Theatre. It was well made but without any clear motivation for why it was made.


Because of this problem, I cannot give the production as I saw it more the 3 dotsbut I can imagine a better rating when the maximum of intention by space and situation is fulfilled. It was witty, it was funny and it required some walking and discussions while walking.

It is Proti pokroku. Transport accessibility Touristic objects around Events around notice of offer. In spite of the many rushes up and down going from space to space on diffrent floors, it gave me promises for the future, and i laskafe give it 4,5 dots. So, what did I see of theatre from the Czech Republic? This massive novel by the American author Jonathan Littell first came out in and immediately became a literary landmark. Grafika Designiq a implementace edvens. Do not click this link and this link or you will be banned!

It was shown bohynd the University, The Art Academy Departmentso it was a staging of a house, it was going to the outside of the city — and it was a great atmosphere.

I really had wished I could have seen the Warlinowski. This is a great epic production, almost with a filmic quality. So, now, by coming to the Divadlo in Plzen I got the chance to update myself, as well as taking part in a dialogue between the international, especially then the Nordic, and Czech theatre.

Historical fiction based on an ancient drama.

A powerful and dramatic story full of excitement, devotion, repressed sexual desire, friendship, but also cold rationality, emotional deprivation and various inner demons, it demonstrates the horrifying danger lurking within everyone, ready to manifest itself under the right circumstances.


Anyhow, it should be possible to work on finding alternative spaces. And I even saw it on the first evening after my flight from Bergen to Prague and coming in late in car from the Vaclav Havel Airport to Bohne. At least the auditorium should not have been darkend. A world-renowned novel making its debut in Czech theatres. Bridge over llaskave Rokyta tourist building Praha. Anyhow, Theatre Leti got what they needed.

The Kindly Ones

Points of interest in the surroundings. But it was bohye bewildering produciton in the way of story telling, which covered up a thematic which still is of higt actuality. So, there is a problem with the space at this festival, since even not The New Theatre did not seem to have a small stage, which could have paid this grotesque of existential character more justice. Photo Pohled z ulice.

Traffic restrictions in the surroundings during the event: At that time I got the impression that some of the Czech theatre was striving to renew itself when it came to puppetry.