“La hija de Rappaccini” will be the inspiration for a series of humanities panels, to challenge attendees’ perceptions around the ethical, moral. In a Gotham Opera production of ‘La Hija de Rappaccini’ at Greystone Mansion, much of what makes Daniel Catán’s work remarkable comes. But there it was, Saturday night at the Civic Theatre: the American premiere of “La Hija de Rappaccini,” a.k.a. “Rappaccini’s Daughter,” by.

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The composer makes it shimmer and glow and throb and rustle with orchestral impulses rooted in Debussy and Ravel. Scene 2 Giovanni, a young medical student, arrives from Naples.

La Hija de Rappaccini. The rapadcini leave towards the entrance. Beatriz’s Aria, sung in the garden of Dr. Giovanni sings of his desire for Beatriz.

The central focus–and central victim–is the doctor’s innocent daughter, Beatriz, whose blood bears a fatal gift. Should he be allowed to do similar things with human beings? He is the very spirit of creation. A modern geneticist can eradicate certain characteristics of, say, corn, by manipulating its genetic structure.

Upon its premiere in San Diego, Rappaccini’s Daughter became the first work by a Mexican composer to be produced by a major opera house in the United States.

Daniel Catán – La Hija de Rappaccini (Rappaccini’s Daughter) () – Music Sales Classical

Arts and culture in pictures. A vision can become perverted. Giovanni is back his in room nursing the hand that was touched by Beatriz. The actor, who was both connoisseur and also the deliriously over-the-top investigator of rxpaccini as the mad Dr. It speaks a sophisticated musical language with elegance. The doomed heroine does get to float some otherworldly pianissimo tones, and her suitor, the medical student next door, does get to flex a few ardent tenoral muscles.


Daniel Catán

The best art and classical music in town Dw at Greystone proved relatively crude, and the instrumental ensemble and conductor Neal Goren were a considerable distance from the stage. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Hijs, alas, would stretch generosity a bit beyond veracity. Beatrice stops him, telling him that the tree is dangerous. His scores make his case. He gives a vial of antidote to Giovanni who agrees to give it to Beatriz. Our journey is defined by uncertainty.

The Globe’s top picks for what to see and do each weekend, in Boston and beyond. Scene 6 In his dream, Giovanni enters Dr. Rappaccini sings of the healing and poisonous nature of his plants.

But a lot of memory and file searching, not to mention head-scratching, produced no contradictory evidence. Scene 5 Giovanni returns to the garden, aware that he has been poisoned. Here Giovanni is from Naples; his first words are about the sea there, and the opera plays the open ocean off against the enclosed garden. San Diego isn’t reputed to harbor the world’s most progressive opera company, or, for that matter, the world’s most adventurous audience.

Rappaccini rushes in and tells them that his scientific work has cured them and they may safely leave the garden. Once alone, Beatriz laments her solitary life.

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Scene 4 In his garden, Dr. Rappaccini arrives and Beatriz runs away. She touches his hand in the process. The dominant metaphor in the work is Rappaccini’s exotic garden. And, encountered 24 hours after “Die Walkure” in Orange County, it also seems blessedly concise–lasting only two hours, including the intermission. Doheny was once able to cultivate thanks to his exploiting local and Mexican markets. There is more parlando here than is par for so colorful a narrative course. Without that spirit we are not entirely human.

Love Duet from Act 2, Scene 3. Obviously, he’d rather be subtle than crass. Most Popular in arts Right Arrow. The orchestration is hyper-romantic: At the same time, there is something deeply disturbing about this.

Photo Gallery | La Hija de Rappaccini | María Laetitia Soprano

The shifting textures are sometimes compelling and sometimes forbidding, always transparent. His gloomy tower lw overlooks the lush garden of Dr. Galileo, Newton, Einstein, they all were outrageous visionaries.

dr Juan Tovar’s poetic libretto is based on a play by the Nobel-Prize laureate Octavio Paz, whose source in turn was a story by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Sign up for more newsletters here. The doctor tells Giovanni that he wishes to be friends. We look into the abyss and experience the limit of our humanity.