INTERTEXTUALITIES IN HORACIO QUIROGA’S. EL ALMOHAD6N DE conflicts and tensions in the intertext of EI almohadon de plumas that enhance the. El almohadón de plumas (Horacio Quiroga). 0 prereading – the nightmare This is certainly a difficult text to teach due to the advanced language.

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Suddenly and with profound tenderness, Jordan slowly passed his hand over her head, and Alicia instantly broke down into tears, throwing her arms around his neck. I edited this text very lightly to make it more comprehensible for my students, but for the most part this is the original version. In her last doctor visit Alicia quroga in a stupor while they took her pulse, passing her limp wrist between themselves.

The doctors returned in vain. In her final two days she rambled incessantly in a low voice. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Jordan lifted it up; it was extraordinarily heavy. She could barely move her head.

El almohadón de plumas (Horacio Quiroga) – My generation of polyglots

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Definitely discuss the difference between movie and original story prior to the assessment and require them to know the story version for the assessment. I taught this story this year with a larger unit about love, dating norms and gender roles. The following day Alicia continued to get worse. Do yoracio let them skip ahead!


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Only at night did life seem to leave her in new qiiroga of blood. Clearing up myths and misperceptions about S. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

In this strange love nest Alicia spent the whole autumn. The top feathers flew into the air, and the servant let out a scream of horror with her mouth wide open, her hands flying up to both sides of her face. Without a doubt she would have wished less severity in their rigid heaven of love, more expansive feeling with cautious tenderness, but the indifferent countenance of her husband always restrained her desires.

I certainly read the first two pages as a whole group activity to keep any of my students from giving up when they get to a stretch that is difficult for them to understand. She looked at the carpet, returned her gaze to him and after a long pause horaacio frightened confrontation, she grew calm.

Simple questions that have an obvious answer within the text. Nonetheless, she loved him dearly.

Thank you for this translation. Without knowing why, Jordan felt his hair stand up.

El almohadón de plumas / The Feather Pillow – Translated Works of Horacio Quiroga

The bite was barely perceptible. They observed almohda silently for a while and returned to the dining room. Walking back and forth between the rooms, footsteps echoed throughout the whole house, as if its long neglect heightened the resonating sound. There in front of them was a finished life, bleeding out day by day, hour by hour, without even knowing why.


She smiled and took the hand of her husband between her own and caressed it for half an hour, trembling.

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All day long the lights were kept on in the profoundly silent room. Dd was fading away in a sub delirious state from the anemia, worse in the afternoon but that always let up in the early hours.

Later she lost consciousness.

The servant, returning alone to the room after stripping ppumas bed, looked at the pillow for a moment in surprise. He, for his part, loved her profoundly without letting it be seen. Then her cries ceased, and she stood awhile with her head hidden against his neck, unmoving, wordless.