For basic remote control of a single VELUX INTEGRA window operator, shutter or blind. Consists of power supply and basic remote control. Find great deals for VELUX Kux UK Single Function Control System. Shop with confidence on eBay!. VELUX INTEGRA® power supply unit KUX Setup of wall VELUX INTEGRA® control pad KLR 14 adapter KRD and frame lights KRA

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Velux KLR 100 User Manual: Disabling Rain Sensor

Central parts of the product portfolio are roof windows with integrated sunblind. Velux uses the wireless control technology IO-Homecontrol, a technology defined by 8 different vendors among them Velux to control windows, blinds and other motor-moved house installations. The IO-Homecontrol part of the solution consists of a simple multi button remote control and a wireless receiver within the KUX The control of the blind motors is done using two wires between the KUX and the blind control part inside the window.

The remote control can move the window blind up and down or sent the blind to an intermediate position. Since IO Homecontrol is a proprietary system users rely on the control devices – such as the remote control supplied with Velux windows provided by the vendor.


There are no enhanced control options such as Internet-Gateways provided at the moment.

The intermediate position can be programmed at any position of the blind. The current Velux control unit KUX is quite heavy and bulky mm x 85 mm x 65 mm and therefore needs major installation effort to conceal the system and still guarantee wireless control.

The by far biggest disadvantage however is the stand by power consumption. Even without any motor movement the unit consumes 22 W in standby 98 mA at V.

Given a typical house installation of 4 roofs window and an average energy cost of 23 ct a kWh this results in annual costs of more then for standby power alone.

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Over a period of 5 veelux such an installation generates more then 2 tons of carbon dioxide by doing nothing. When the blind is moving the power consumption increases to 37 W mA at Vwhich is acceptable since the motor moves only during a small period of time.


It needs a 24V DC input, which can be provided by a simple and inexpensive switched power supply preferably regulated. The light and small unit 98mm vvelux 53mm x 23mm takes only 0. The very same installation of 4 Velux roof windows with Z-Wave control cost less than 2.

In conjunction with different sensors – e.

Remote Controls

So you have to install this device somewehere and then run 2 wires could this be the main power supply wire of the velux window to the velux window and connect directly to the velux motor? After the installation you can disgard the original velux remote control?

Main power has to be connected to a trafo and this has to be connected to the Hunter-Douglas. I’ve got two electrical velux windows which came as a set, no additional hardware seen ecept the remote. Window had a V main cord of appr 10meters to connect to a main wallsocket. Board index All times are UTC.

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