Philipps, Ina-Maria. Körper, Liebe, Doktorspiele: Ein Ratgeber für Eltern zur kindlichen Sexualentwicklung. Köln: Bundeszentrale für Gesundheitliche Aufklärung. One book entitled “Körper,Liebe, Doktorspiele” (Body, Love, Playing Doctor) went so far as to encourage parents to molest their children. The title is the same as the booklet, Körper, Liebe, Doktorspiele. Another website states that the pamphlets were recalled in Germany but have.

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Sign in Already have an account? I’m just reading now that it’s part of the Lower Saxony Sachunterricht curriculum and covers how a baby soktorspiele conceived and born, human anatomy and stages of growth and maturity, similarities and differences between boys and girls and children, youths and adults. I doktorsliele across a complete load of horse-shit written by a raving bonkers American campaigner out to make a headline or two.

Nazarene on September 13, Why aren’t the parents doing anything? Political issues and parties in Europe’s nation states, the E. Masturbation is serious just as child molesting is.

But while we are at it. Your child will grow up with a complex.

Here is the name of a German book which cites and eoktorspiele the pedo guidebooks: Orthodox Church in America. Also, according to Paul you can sin against yourself: It has been withdrawn in because some of its content was controversial and could have been used as a justification by pedophiles.

This can’t be true of Germany! – Politics | PoFo

The booklet can be found here. One of the websites reporting on it included a picture of the book that I provided, which was not the book they were talking about. Has there been anything about Germany and how sex education is taught in the kinderkrippes and kindergartens here? Even if it did, masturbation is still considered a mortal sin. PeterTheAleut on October 21,kkrper There is certainly no “encouragement to sexually massage” children in that booklet.


Thank you for clearing that up. Thanks when my eldest son swings by I’ll have him look through the PDF file associated with the pamphlet he reads and speaks German well enough. Its intentions were quite different, however.

Article about pre-school sex education in Germany

A well-informed, self-assured and respectful sexual education guide for children and their sensuous-physical learning processes in the mechanisms for children is part of the educational mission of teachers. When the parents try to protest this, they’re told their children have a “right of education”.

It’s still available free online on different websites. The authors rationalize, “The child touches all parts of their father’s body, sometimes arousing him. It is of increased importance in an increasing multicultural society with some sub cultures being in conflict with the necessary behavior.

The father should do the same. It also doesn’t state that the father should “arouse the child”. The thinking is clear here. Perhaps it is something that has already been squashed?

However nothing in those guidelines should and is allowed to be conducted based on sexual motives or something similar. Though homosexuality and pedophilia are two different things, the proposition that the acceptance of one doesn’t entail the acceptance of the other is strained.

Republishing of articles on LifeSiteNews. How does a guide, which is supportive of sexuality, respectfully and carefully succeed? I thought I was being joked to.

While the current German sex ed guide for Kindergarteners doesn’t explicitly say families should get in on the action, it does identify infants as sexual beings and makes it painfully clear that children in day care or kindergarten should be allowed to experiment with sex in the doll corner, encouraged to masturbate without limits- presumably even the limit of “in private” is too much- and expected to ask questions traditionally associated with pre-teens in doktorspeile US- unless they’ve been “repressed” by their parents.


September 13, Canadian author and public speaker Michael O’Brien who has written and spoken extensively about the crisis of culture in the West spoke to LifeSiteNews.

In high school they went into more detail and also had a week long AIDS workshop. A lot of the neo-fascist movements attract crackpo[…]. Just like Adam and Eve, we all desire to eat the forbidden fruit, so I don’t know why you guys judge and condemn those who ate it, when you have done the same. Fri May 06, 8: If he is doktprspiele more than a cell in the social organism, then no moral standards, no psychological truths, no spiritual truths can refute the ‘will to power’ and the ‘will to pleasure’.

“Körper, Liebe, Doktorspiele”: Von der Leyen stoppt umstrittene Aufklärungsbroschüre

October 21, Kper how I look forward to seeing the egg on all your faces when you realise where this “information” comes from and what “Tpuc. There was nothing at all discussed about sex in Kindergarten. But just in case it is loaded with vomitous trash I won’t download it onto my computer.

Another website states that the pamphlets were recalled in Germany but have reappeared in Switzerland.