Unit List WIP; Special rules Kroot Mercenaries WIP Greater Knarloc Maw, Melee, Melee, x2, -3, 2D3, This weapon may only make one attack per fight . Include Knarloc Rider series and Kroot Master Shaper in upcoming Codex Great Knarloc variations, Kroot Master Shaper and Anghkor Prok of the Kroot Army in are petitioning to have rules in the upcoming codex () for the said Kroot. After hearing that, my friend agreed to let me alter the rules. Greater Knarloc[ pts] – Heavy Support (Requires a Kroot Carnivore Squad).

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What should I buy? Lacking any other large vehicle as a basis, the Orca dropship design was modified with additional heavily armaments and armour, effectively reducing its mobility to that of grezt surface-bound skimmer.

urles The Kroot bolt thrower, aside from looking totally cool and unique, isn’t bad at Assault D6 S6 and would be the better option if you want to advance this guy. What material do you use for the molds and models? Nogdakka This is an awesome Army Idea as well as execution. Several Valkyrie’s Marks were held in place on his armor by forward spotters, which he pointed his uplink towards to gain targeting data.

Tau Empire for 30 points. Shaman Price upped to 80 points Can pick any 2 powers from the powers list. With the full cover of his knarolc, the sniper probably looked more akin to a bush than a six foot, one inch tall human. I first used greenstuff to model the harness from which the Kroot riders and bolt thrower weapon would then be mounted to. Its an awesome upgrade, and the 10pts is a knarlox.


Warhammer 40,000/Chapter Approved/Kroot Mercenaries

I began re-writing the Dark Eldar codex to fit in with the Kroot fiction, and dropped every vehicle choice except the Venom. Absolutely adore what you’ve done with the list!! I chose to use this model because it has 5 heads to represent the 5 attacks and 5 wounds of the Razorwing Greeat, which all look amazingly similar to kroor Kroot Hound head.

This unit contains a Vespid Hive Warlord. I didn’t realise you were on Dakka too, I remember your army from kompletely Kroot, Great stuff!

Icarium Great looking army and a good idea. Oaka These are plastic casts all painted up, I think they came out pretty well. I’ve always envisioned the Kroot being a mashup of infantry knarlloc beasts charging through heavy terrain: I gave them stealth since I think it makes more sense than the old fieldcraft rule. Melta bomb, frag and Krak grenades options for entire unit added Extra weapons options added Page 24 old 23 Great Knarloc “Greater” upgrade increased to 20 points.

This is just literally lost revenue for GW.

40K: The Missing & Imprisoned Armies – Bell of Lost Souls

This is a “lo-fi” version of our main content. I’m in love with the rocket launcher guys, the scheme is knraloc slick, and am curious how your getting so many slick positions. Oaka Thanks for the interest, I feel like there isn’t much of it.


May take upto 3 additional Gue’Vesa La Wargear: That is an awesome fandex guys well done! Tlo I’ve been wanting to do this for years!

This kroot has huge wood. More green stuff to blend the quills into the flesh: The head needs some more work to cover up the dremel work, but is otherwise pretty close to getting some paint.

Unit quote goes here Fluff text goes here. This may just be one of those models that I really enjoyed converting but couldn’t figure out the paint job. As far as I am aware, there are no current rules for them but they are expected, as per the Forgeworld FAQ: Greater Knarloc Rules Update.


I’ve based it with the same sand and gravel mixture I’ve used for over ten years, and then added patches of flock and static grass. Medium of Death One thing you might consider doing is building up underneath the giant kroot beasts ruules. Included is a Death Jester, a Solitaire, and a Shadowseer.