Dr. Kosuke Koyama, a theologian internationally known for using arresting metaphors drawn from his experience as a missionary to convey an. KOSUKE KOYAMA: WATERBUFFALO THEOLOGIAN An investigation into the theology of Kosuke Koyama by Gaylan Mathiesen A report submitted for the class . About Kosuke Koyama: Koyama was born in Tokyo in , of Christian parents. He later moved to New Jersey in the United States, where he completed his B.

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Whereas Kitamori touched on the personal ethic, Koyama has developed and expanded this ethic kouke the full dimensions of a global community. In His self-denial He is exalted, and those who take up their cross with Him are healed and restored.

Kosuke Koyama

His endeavor to make theology practical has led him to begin with certain situations and apply the teachings of scripture to those particular incidents or scenes. This theological context changes the meaning of these three marks of man radically. In No Handle on the Cross: Through the concept of discontinuity Koyama draws a sharper distinction between the God of the Bible and the other gods of our world.

I looked on the earth, and lo, it was waste and void; and to the heavens, and they had no light. God is involved in our history. I decided to subordinate great theological thoughts, like those of Thomas Aquinas and Karl Barth, to the intellectual and spiritual needs of the farmers. Its inner law is the moral law; ethos is inherent in pathos. After seminary, inhe decided to continue his education, and began his first cross-cultural experience at Drew Theological Seminary, Madison, New Jersey where he received his B.


To eat without consideration is to create more cycles of birth and death, which is the endless continuation of suffering. We need to recognize the importance of kohama idea of controversy.

These are things that happen in history. To be sub-human or inhuman would be the opposite of this: Koyama was born kohama in Tokyo into a Christian family. This God whose emotions are agitated all together is salvation to us who engage in dancing between God and Baal in this historical hour. The Vedas speak of a primordial warmth or heat out of which the original One came into being.

Rejoicing in Hope A Tribute to Kosuke Koyama

A fellow student at Princeton, Lois Rozendaal, became his wife. Click here to sign up.

It is this homeless Christ who represents 8, cultural contexts in the world today. God has entered history, which is the record of His activity. It is the place where salvation takes place.

He causes an unwed teenager to become pregnant as He enters her womb only to be born as the self-proclaimed Savior of the world, in the end becoming a political martyr crucified on a Roman gibbet. A context is not always so easy to discern however. This uniqueness, however, does not diminish his stature or level of contribution to his field. Following the war, he enrolled in Tokyo Union Theological Seminary, graduating in Serving as a pastor in northern Thailand, he found himself in theological conversation not only with Thomas Aquinas, Martin Luther, and Karl Barth, who had been his interlocutors at Princeton, but also with the farmers who now made up his congregation.

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In my Christian experience the image of baptism and that of wilderness became inexpressibly united. Koyama comments, Ad deum contra deum confugere. I looked, and lo, the fruitful land was a desert, and all its cities were laid in ruins before the Lord, before his fierce anger Jer.

Kosuke Koyama Photos

This is the arahant-man. I decided that the greatness of theological works is to be judged by the extent and quality of the service they can render to kooyama farmers to whom I am sent. Indeed, we question whether we can find hope in the broken 52 Ibid. Having grown up in Japan he already came out of a context rich in Buddhist thought.

There were three generations of monarchy, nineteen kings of Israel and twenty kings of Judah, exile and restoration koayma the truth of His covenant was revealed in Christ.

A monk should keep his eyes lowered when going through a village. Man is to God dukkha, anicca and anatta. Introduction to the Background of Kosuke Koyama Kosuke Koyama has been a key architect in the concept of contextualization of the Christian message for over thirty years.