Get this guide started! Think you’re an expert in Perry Rhodan: Operation Eastside? Why not start up this guide to help duders just getting into. Perry Rhodan: The Immortals of Terra which I had to do on numerous occasions, which is also useful if you have to turn to a walkthrough to get you through. Walkthroughs for The Immortals of Terra: A Perry Rhodan Adventure – Adventure Game.

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He gives his eye implants. Examine the lowered locker rhocan get a roll of tape. Look at the circuit box at the wall. The Hall of Fame early on will also add some background to those not familiar with the Perryverse.

Walkthrough Part 16 for The Immortals Of Terra: A Perry Rhodan Adventure

Watch the reports of the video logs by the military down here. See that the lit tile starts with a Y. Look at the entrance behind your back. Go right and see the spaceship of the Illochim.


Show him the unknown artifact. Scan the path to know where to go. The soldiers should be busy now by chasing the cleaning robots. It looks like there’s something like a glider down there. GameBoomers Walkthroughs and Solutions. Perry automatically goes to the transmitter.

Walkthrough Part 16 – The Immortals Of Terra: A Perry Rhodan Adventure Video Walkthroughs for PC

Use the crowbar rjodan the top of the box. Pull the lever of the pump system once more. Check the left wall. She gives you a picture of the Robotics Institute.

Exit the bar through the big tube at the right side. Enter you own office. So a space faring romp that spans the universe was always going to appeal to me.

Travel back to the Lobby. Learn that she found something startling about the exhibition she is planning and is to meet Bully on the Terrace to ask about Martel. Make a petry of this character. Click on the hypercom stand on the right. Perry ended kompoettlsung at the platform. Check how many turns make it upright to the color wanted.


Right click on the notebook in inventory and page through the notebook. Try to enter the transmitter and Kari comes back out.

Go further to the right. Exit to the left. Click on the panel to get it activated so you have powered up the mines.

Walk to the right and try to enter the sick-bay. Look at the huge drill. Take Mondra’s notebook from the desk.