best), an adventure (such as Keep on the Shadowfell), and dice. .. When you earn enough XP to level up, the character sheet explains what. tions allow you to set Keep on the Shadowfell in the Eberron campaign Feel free to download the character sheets and offer them as. To put it bluntly, they hated the characters. They did not like the character sheets, and had a difficult time finding simple stuff like what their attack bonus for their.

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Errors The following errors occurred with your submission. Originally Posted by half-dragon dragon. The New World, Part 9: Keith Davies Post by Justisaur No one so far as I know has come up with a good sheet so far as I’ve seen, but almost anything would be better than the pregens, even the one in the back of sheetx PHB. The module comes with a full adventure book for the DM that contains comprehensive quick start rules for 4th Edition and the usual walkthrough of the whole adventure, as well chaaracter a small book with all of the non-DM specific rules and the pre-made character sheets.

Szonye Yes, the bloodied condition is brilliant, because it’s a clear milestone for the players, offsetting the fact that actual defeats come later. Does the Fighter get opportunity attacks against a shift? Originally Posted by chitzk0i. Target regains HP as if it had spent a healing surge. Szonye While standard foes are much harder to defeat, I find that the bloodied condition is nearly as rewarding for the players.

The Ehadowfell, trying to catch the GM in something tough, decides to knock the table out from under the enemy. For example, our warlock scored a crit on Irontooth with his best daily power for 45ish damage.


I think this one is in there, as Strength vs Fort. Though Tide of Iron is cool, the ability to do damage on a miss or cleave was actually an interesting decision.

Keep On The Shadowfell

Must be willing to participate. They can’t possibly know the tastes of a player. Sometimes the darkness breaks into the light. If you allow tthe spellbook learning gimmick, a wizard has MANY more powers than others, nulling every effort to keep the balance together. The only complaint came from the store manager when he said that the healing surges were a little over the top They were likewise surprised when some of the other kobolds hung on as long as they did.

Holiday Charity Pack by Various Artists. What I noticed, however, is that by the second combat the party had already started to work together more effectively.

Session Report & Review: Keep on the Shadowfell (Part 1)

Post by Bradd W. Although I may be wrong, that spellbook ability seems as it could be expended in ways other then leveling.

By the second combat the Fighter was making full use of his presence and the ability to make Opportunity Attacks against an opponent who shifts into or out of his threat range, allowing him to more easily dispatch with the pesky shqdowfell, or more importantly to do even more damage in shadowfrll round.

Tumble, Rogue Utility Power. Sorry if this has thf mentioned or covered in another thread, but did anyone else notice that healing surges seem to increase as you level up as well? Originally Posted by SamTheCleric. Sigatars by Gulaghar and Ashen Lilies.

Page 1 of 4 1 2 3 4 Last Jump to page: Keep on the Shadowfell preview characters Okay, you’re right there, it doesn’t stop working. We were very privileged to receive a promotional copy of the first Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition adventure module, entitled Keep on the Shadowfellwhich comes with a small set of quick start rules sheetw an introduction to the yet-to-be-released edition of the game.


Szonye Post by Justisaur Post by decalod85 The fighter critted a kobold, but it did not die since it had around 36 HP leftand he was very disappointed. Post by decalod85 I am going to try 4E again sometime, but with my gamer group, and with their own chars.

I am now going to begin blaming everything that goes wrong on Charity. It encourages players to make their chharacter characters. Results 81 to 90 of Those are left for the players to determine.

Keep On The Shadowfell LFG | Roll Online virtual tabletop

The kobolds had a surprise round where they could all act through initiative order, and then the next round everything proceeded as normal. Posted By Abstruse Thursday, 27th December, Last edited by Morty; at Originally Posted by Graf.

So sorry to disappoint you, but what more were you expecting from the character sheets? With some glares and suspicion, the party stayed the night at the inn and set out in the morning.

We only had a few hours, so we really only got through the first encounter. Keep on the Shadowfell preview keeep It makes sense, though.

With 4th, the characters actually have powers which mechanically function like these cool moves. Yeah, it’s one of the biggest draws, along with useful multiclassing. Cure Light Wounds just heals you, just like a spell should. From reading the rest of the module, it looks like this thing is going to be amazingly fun! Originally Posted by FitzTheRuke.