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Some Krama words do double duty, corresponding to more than one Ngoko word. Variations in Spelling and in Pronunciation: The suffixes are as follows. Spelling and Pronunciation Conventional Javanese spelling, on the whole, reflects pronunciation accurately.

Aja kandha-kandha sapa-sapa lho.

However much money he has, I’ve got more. The following list gives the nearest English equivalents to the sounds represented by the letters.

Within an entry that has Ngoko and Krama citation forms, the notation ng kr with a subentry citation shows that the Ngoko word is socially neutral, i. When differences of opinion arose, the word or meaning in question was generally accepted after consultation with other speakerssince obviously one does not expect that every speaker will know every word and every meaning.

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Send a private message to agusbass. Final e is limited to foreign borrowings, e.

Tin Online – blogtin. When part of an entry has ingigl different distribution of social variants than as cited, this is specified at that point. Tags What are tags?

Bahasa Krama Inggil

The figures on the size of the subvocabularies given here are Soepomo’s. In the case of a few very long and complicated words, a derived form is cited as a main entry, with a cross-reference to its root entry: Variant in certain w-initial roots is ku-: Reduplication; Doubled and reduplicated roots, as well as plain roots, undergo processes Pronunciation of Final K, xiii; 5.


The active prefix, morpheme m ng- is pronounced variosly according to the root it is used with. A word has as kkrama syllables as it has vowels. Skip to content Skip to search. It has a global traffic rank ofin the world.

Cendrawasih, [] Language Javanese. Being a process rather than a word, it cannot be alphabetized among the other entries, and so it is comprehensively defined here.

Kamus Jawa

The Ngoko ng entry is the main one, the full definition; what is said there applies to all variants unless specifically excluded. Without his help, this dictionary would never have come into kaamus. The compiler of a dictionary has many specific decisions to make regarding the content and format of the material; having chosen one alternative, he must reject conflicting ones. Alphabetization The Javanese material in this dictionary is spelled in the conventional Roman orthography.

Kamus Bahasa Jawa | Kamus Digital Bahasa Jawa

Indonesian words appear in Javanese published materials. Subdivisions of the Three Basic Categories, xxxii; 6. Social Implications, xxxi; 2. The ka vocabulary consists mainly of verbs that take indirect objects give, say, etc. Love is like a virus. When the post vowel form -n or -nan of the suffix -an is attached to vowel final roots, the same changes take place in the root as with suffixes -k-ake and -n-i described on page xxiv, Notes on the Chart, The formal style, Krama kris the.

B, d, g change to p, t, k in absolute final position. Higher education became available to Indonesians in their own languages only after their nation became politically independent inand the terminology borrowed into Indonesian-the language of secondary and higher education-has also become a part of each separate Indonesian language. The items of this voluminous list are not duplicated by the dictionary entries herein.


This practice avoids unnecessary duplication of material. Basic Categories, xxxi; 3.

The nasal prefix kamys with an umlaut to show that it replaces the initial consonant of the root makes this replacement with both elements of a reduplicated or doubled root: Glossings and Translations, xxx.

Send a private message to inggip. Futher, examples can show other words that are commonly used in conjunction with the word under definition-a feature that many students of languages find helpful.

Check copyright status Cite this Title Kamus basa Jawi alus: See also 8, 9, 10, and 11 above. Let’s take a break first. Moreover, when root final h comes before suffix -a or -an, the h which tend s not to be pronounced between vowels in normal speech is very often replaced in writing – following the pronunciation – by the same y or w:.

The Krama Inggil vocabulary corresponds even less precisely to the basic inggik.

Ny replacing s, c: We retain some of these spellings it would be odd to spell Allah with only one I, for example but where both the doubled and the single consonant are in common use we cite the single consonant form.

Hyphenated entries and two word entries are treated as single words. Not Applicable Facebook Comments: