Tony Tomov · Guriddo» jqGrid is now Guriddo! on jQuery Grid beta · Willian Henrique Barbosa Rocha on Guriddo jqGrid JavaScript is released . See ; Fix position of multiselect box on bootstrap 4; Fix border of toppager (when enabled) when. jqGrid was developed mostly by Tony Tomov in the past and it was available under MIT/GPL-licences till the version published Dec 8, (see here).

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There have been a lot of tojov in Trirand over the last month that made me reconsider our work. It has been seven and a half years since we have launched the first version of jqGrid Java Script.

From the very beginning jqGrid was open source and had the exceptionally liberal MIT license. That enabled many people to participate in the project development and in the same time, a lot of people used it commercially.

Therefore, I decided that the Trirand team should focus exclusively on this project, as well as on tnoy server PHP component.

In order to achieve this, we have to make some significant changes:. Any and all tomlv clients of the PHP component with a valid license shall be served by gurrido.

Using Tony Tomov’s jqGrid with Hobo

Toy users from http: The transfer was not an easy feat, so we would like to apologize in advance for any irregularities. As of now trirand. We hope that with this new beginning, gony will be able to make Guriddo jqGrid one of the best grid components.


Thank you for this question. The versions prior 4. This mean that you can use the versions prior to 4. Thanks for wonderful open-source product. But all future versions, published after Desember 15th will have another licenses. I am, however, slightly baffled by the licence change.

It appears I can copy and redistribute the code, remix! Presumably there are no other licences more applicable to software which allow you to still require licensing for commercial use, and that is why you have opted for CC? Danny I mean like it used to work with http: Thanks for the wishes and for the good words after this change.

Too many users involves too many support which at one point will not work if the software is MIT licensed. Let see what will be with DataTables after year or two. Suppose I have a jgrid with data in it and there is Yomov records option that is for searching records based on certain column data.

The above works fine. The second scenario would be I want to search record on the above grid data. We are not selling any products to our clients, just using it within the company.

Hobo Tutorials – Using Tony Tomov’s jqGrid with Hobo

You should turn on JavaScript on your browser. After that please reload the page. Otherwise you won’t be able to post any information on this site. Hello, There have been a lot of changes in Trirand over the last month that made me reconsider our work.

In order to achieve this, we have to make some significant changes: This means that the code jqgtid be seen by everyone but in order to use it commercially, the relevant license has to be paid. In order to synchronize these operations, we created the new website guriddo.


All the versions of jqGrid to 4. Comments 19 Trackbacks 0 Leave a comment Trackback. December 15th, at December 16th, at Hi, I have a question. Hello, Thank you for this question. December 17th, at December 23rd, at December 25th, at December 30th, at January 5th, at Thank you for supporting and improving jqGrid for so long: Anyway, thanks again for all your hard work on jqGrid and I hope it continues to flourish. January 22nd, at Hi, does this version still support jQuery MultiSelect?

January 28th, at February 20th, at VelikiBeli Thanks for the wishes and for the good words after this change. February 24th, at A search on the already searched grid data. I am trying to implement it in jqgrid and I am not getting any idea. April 29th, at May 21st, at Can someone clarify this? May 27th, at It links like this is the correct link to use for the MIT-licensed release 4.

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