For about 30 years, the genius Jewish researcher Joseph Ezekiel Yahuda compared 3 languages: Jewish, Arabic and Ancient Greek Homeric. The book, published in English, and titled ‘Hebrew is Greek’, was written by lawyer, linguist and researcher, Joseph Yahuda, the son of Isaac. Hebrew Is Greek has 3 ratings and 0 reviews: Published by Becket Publications, pages.

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This subreddit is dedicated to discussions about ancient Greek language and literature.

Greeks copied off of Moses and turned him into Alexander just as they did Semiramis and Tammuz. He has achieved the level of a true Hellene.

Hebrew is Greek – Joseph Yahuda – Google Books

Because The Great Lie is based on books that are central to the Jewish religion, it would be unfair to see the author as anyway anti-Semitic This book exhibits the vast research on which it is based and it is liberally spiced with a host of remarks and observations worthy of quoting and remembering.

Neither had I been able to learn more than the necessary Latin needed for my law education and practice. He has resolved a mystery that had created confusion for scholars for the past 2. The European Commission should have adjusted the economic ac. With all this chicanery, when every sound in Hebrew can be a bunch of others, and the some for Greek, without any demand for consistency or system, you can make any connection you please.

Thus, my theory began to develop. As the number of tests increased, the more effective my research became, and the confidence in my theory rose. In the preface, just above the table shown below, Yahuda’s greek theorem is written, to wit: I was convinced that this phenomenon went past the limits of borrowing, reaching the limits of a genetic relationship. And more importantly, how can you verify accurately how to determine the correct joseoh AND the correct time period for any historical tahuda I lived with the vision of the pyramids to such an extent, and my passion for the Bible was so great, that I developed hostile feelings for the Greeks and Romans.


Want to Read saving…. Not only is the Hebrew language “Greek wearing a mask” in other words, a distorted version of Greekbut, as we have announced at international conventions, there is no other language on the face of the earth except Greek. Why are humans so obsessed with war?

Hebrew is Greek – The ‘blocked’ book of Joseph Yahuda

Yahuda realizes the significance of Greek Civilization “I was somewhat familiar with the Bible, as stated above. Not to mention he never found a resurrected fish according to the Biblical account. Bob marked it as to-read Dec 14, Perhaps merely a dialect, or some form of Greek, such that “Hebrew is Greek, albeit somewhat altered Greek—Asiatic or Continental Greek, as distinct from European Greek” ibid. He uses whichever suits his purpose at the moment.

Hebrew Is Greek

However, they did think that my belief in the correspondence of Hebrew with Greek was rather exaggerated. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone.

As he begins, “Proposition I. It cannot be found at any public library, it is not sold at any bookstore on earth, not even in a curiosity or antique shop. Thus early on, at the end of a two-hour session with one of the prospective collaborators, he exclaimed: Thanks for telling us about the problem.


You seem to be citing KJV when you want to make a point? After discovering the truth, he struggled to make it known, he revealed it and he published it without fear.

I used the materials I had: Light thinks it is faster than anything-but it is wrong. The only grammatical characteristics that I knew of that were common to both Greek and Hebrew, concerned the definite article and the dual number nouns [count nouns].

Finally, we present yahhuda of the tables compiled by the undaunted scholar, J. The reason for the interest in J.

Then I read Homer, comparing him to the Bible. These two could not be mixed. He really does think that he’s miraculously discovered something new and unintended: So I thought I’d go right to the source, and boy is it a wild ride. Shortly after the aforesaid encounter, I quoted the disparaging remark uttered at its conclusion to the late Christodoulos Hourmouzios, a graduate of the University of Athens and an expert on Homer, who said to me: JGibbs80 marked it as to-read Dec 28, Die Matrix der alten Geschichte: I’m kinda disappointed now because part of me was quite impressed that our friend might have come up with all of his theories and correspondences himself.

Now, let me be clear, when he says it: I like one of the further statements from the site you linked: Deborah Brown marked it as to-read Feb 28,