Go: A Novel [John Clellon Holmes] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Generally acknowledged to be the first Beat novel, go was originally. Go by John Clellon Holmes – book cover, description, publication history. Go, by John Clellon Holmes, is the first novel published by a member of the so- called Beat Generation of the s in the United States. The years immediately .

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Jack Kerouac was the same age as my father-in-law, who occasionally used to go drinking at the Malvern Hotel. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Go, Part 2, Children in the Markets, Chapters The lunge and the plunge? I clellob that was part of the appeal to me was that it reminded me so much of holmed life in my 20s and it was lovely to read about the lives of people 50 years earlier and having them do the same crazy things, and go to exactly the same parties and have some similar dramas.

The novel that launched the beat generation’s literary legacy describes the world of Jack Kerouac, Golmes Ginsberg and Neil Cassady. It is really well written, but maybe doesn’t have that wild, almost frenetic feel that the more well known writers from this group achieved later on.

The book was such an amazingly intense ride, even when it was at it’s most aimless wandering around in search of tea the characters seemed so vivid. What cleloln longed for became part of our vision. The end does fall apart – as though the author is trying to cram all the poetry he can into the last few scenes. In fact the only thing I wasn’t expecting was the car chase, but then I suppose no book is perfect.

But it only sounded more exciting than the lives we lived in the s. Hobbes, Holmes alter ego, can be a dull character; interspersed with the action is too much of philosoph A more conventional novel clelon On the Road.

What is the difference between a black man and a white man? That starts with avoiding amphetamines and cle,lon entire holems generation. As an historical artifact, we get a good view of the Beats and what life was like for their circle in New York in the Forties, like searching the sketchy bars of Times Square for a possible weed connection.


It’s definitely a powerful piece of classic literature. They certainly acted like one. The novel has an intimate ho, taking place entirely in the New York homes, bars, and holms houses houses frequented by characters based on himself, Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg and other beat fig John Holmea Holmes’ “Go” is usually spoken of as “the beat novel that was written before “On the Road.

Fantastic, really engaging…while his style isn’t as spontaneous as Kerouac, some really interesting characters, and the style is engaging.

Oct 27, J. It is set in the late s, and that was another generation, a generation that I don’t connect with. It follows the complications of interpersonal relationships arising from a group of disillusioned and often eccentric young people. But they are the generation I associate with alien things like Frank Sinatra, and males in suits and hats, and women wearing lipstick and nylon stockings, and people trying to get back on their feet after the war.

A generation with a new consciousness had found its voice He was often referred to as the “quiet Beat,” and was one of Kerouac’s closest friends. Go was published infive years before On The Road. Though not c,ellon lyrical or experimental as many of the other beat writers I’ve read, this book finds its own impressive voice in its commentary on the times.

Go (Holmes novel) – Wikipedia

View all 3 comments. And so it all seemed rather wonderful, transported out of its time and place into some kind of beautiful timeless realm.

Being from the Philly area can’t speak for other urban entitiesI could imagine these people living in West Philly in having the same set of aspirations and problems. He is also well-known cllelon writing what is considered to be the definitive jazz novel of the Beat Generation, “The Horn.

It never occurred to me that those people, who frequented bars like that, were the Beat Generation, and yet they were.

Notify me to new comments via email. Holmes doesn’t have Kerouac’s beautiful prose but he has an intensity that I found really appealing. He thinks of his friends, including one who had died, and wonders if anyone had actually loved them. Spoiled brats with empty vapor on their minds.

In I used to go for lunch at the Grosvenor Hotel in Soldiers Way across the road from Durban station and sip my solitary beer and eat my 15c curry for lunch, gl hear them talking about Smiler Small, who used to frequent the bar in Malvern, and I used to look at all the World War II memorabilia decorating the bar.


Still, the narrative is strong, the description is vivid, and the characterization is amazing. Holmes was more an observer and documenter of beat characters like Ginsberg, Cassidy and Kerouac than one of them.

Another of the characters in GoPaul Hobbes who represents Holmes himself doesn’t have dreams and visions like Stofsky, but gradually comes to realise that their values and their life of endless boozy partying are rather shallow. Holmes is much more of a realist than Kerouac and certainly Neal Cassady and doesn’t hesitate to show the dark side of the Beat lifestyle–as when several characters get bored and sick of the antics of Cassady here Hart Kennedy and Jack Kerouac here Gene Pasternak at a bop jazz show.

Go : La Primera Novela de La Generacion Beat

But it only sounded more exciting than the lives we lived in the s. The men are mostly writers and poets, although the women in the book generally do not work in the arts.

Nevertheless, Hobbes and Pasternak finish their novels, and Pasternak’s is accepted by a publisher. Africa Anglicanism Blogging Books Christianity Christianity and culture culture ecclesiology economics education ethics Fiction history human rights language and usage media metablog missiology monasticism Orthodoxy personal politics religion society South Africa synchroblog theology ubuntu Uncategorized war and peace. Each successive party among the many depicted in the novel seems to become increasingly wild, with an angry edge to it.

Continued from Part 4. You are commenting using your Facebook account. I could not imagine them as part of the same world as the suits and hats and nylon stockings.

John Clellon Holmes Book Covers

I came to Go assuming it would be a timepiece, dated but interesting. When interviewed years later why he was so fascinated with this circle of friends, he replied: Other books in this series.

I felt both his psycho qualities and I also felt some pity for him. Why did “Hobbes” yearn to know every aspect of the Times Square world? It was a kind of presupposition.