by Joel Salatin. Everything I want to do is illegal. As if a highly bureaucratic regulatory system was not already in place,. 9/11 fueled renewed acceleration to. Everything I Want to Do is Illegal by Joel Salatin, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. I’m not sure where to begin. Unlike the first two Joel Salatin books I read this one turned out to be less than inspiring. It evoked sadness, anger.

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But each of them said the same thing: If I want to serve only homosexual bowlegged Vietnamese patrons, I should be able to do that. Will make your blood pressure rise, your eyes see red, and smoke protrude from your ears.

If that doesn’t insult your intellegience than I dont know what will. As I get closer and closer to my goal of living on a farm, I’m trying to understand and read more about it all.

I recommend this book to anyone who supports small farms or wants to know where that delicious Costco steak came from – and what the cow had to go through in order for you to enjoy it. At times it’s hard to remember that he’s in his early 50’s because he reads as if he was that movie character, the crotchety “old timer”, who answers the question “How are you? You may not exit the car.

They started making regulations that targeted specific parts of the animal byproducts not to be used as feed, such as spinal cords, brains, and parts of the nervous system. You are trespassing and I demand that you leave immediately. Joel espouses an agricultural paradigm shift that sees plants and animals as partners rather than units of production. The book inspired us to seek out a local farm, a CSA where we have become a member and will begin picking up our weekly organic produce and meats.

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It is well worth the read. You’ll appreciate your farmers more, you’ll ask more questions, you’ll wonder where your food is really coming from and where food diseases are coming from and why it costs more to get organic food rather than supermarket food. I applaud Salatin’s work and think he’s right that a lot of t Salatin’s engaging and persuasive argument rests on the fact that he, as a highly intelligent, moral and ethical man, wants to do the right thing.

Everything I Want to Do Is Illegal: War Stories from the Local Food Front

As a result, the methodologies are frequently flawed by too narrow of an approach, comparing the latest GMO plant variety to what amounts to neglectful farming and showing–surprise! Laws illeegal allow them to feed chicken manure to their cows for lunch.

We have fought, clawed, cried, prayed, argued, and threatened. It everthing will make you think twice, if not three times, before you buy meat at the grocery store again. The sadness and evergthing come from a feeling of helplessness. Want to Read saving…. His writing style is very open and honest, offering plenty of material to make you think. Their system favors industri Drawing upon 40 years’ experience as an ecological farmer and marketer, Joel Salatin explains with humor and passion why Americans do not have the freedom to choose the food they purchase and eat.

It was thought provoking and blood boiling!

This should be recommended reading for everyone with an interest in local food sourcing in particularand everyone else, too, in the hope of educating people about the reality of our food system. This book seems to me, designed to make, at times, some statements that generalize and sound aggressive enough, with the purpose of catching one’s attention quickly. Dec 19, Mrs Robin rated it it was amazing.


The government represents the people who give them money although tax payers give them the most money. A great film that documents several of these cases t called Farmageddon.

And there it is. Basically the government needs to get out of our personal life.

Apr 27, Seth rated it it was amazing. When ia government creates an environment of infighting between its people they will always be the savior of the disenfranchised. While I think that a part of his problem is living in the East, even in the West more kneejerk reaction laws are passed every year.

Everything I Want to Do Is Illegal: War Stories from the Local Food Front by Joel Salatin

Salatin makes it jeol to understand his point of view by walking the reader through several scenarios that he’s experienced firsthand. And when that happens, freedom of choice is long gone, because the credentialed food will be what the fat cats who wine and dine politicians say that it is. One central thread running through the book are regulations that make it difficult for small farms to remain viable as local food providers.

Instead, you wine and dine politicians to convince them that they will curry favor with their constituents if they demand this program. People want to see you doing something that protects them.

Some battles, as you will see, we did not win.