Jean Toomer’s Cane,1 from which “Blood-Burning Moon” is taken, is a collect of short stories interspersed with poems, which makes up a whole. It is divid. Cane study guide contains a biography of Jean Toomer, literature essays, quiz questions, Cane Summary and Analysis of “Esther” to “Blood-Burning Moon”. An introduction to Blood-Burning Moon by Jean Toomer. Learn about the book and the historical context in which it was written.

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Each blow sounded as if it smashed into a precious, irreplaceable soft something. Where were they, these people?

Drag him to the factory.

Toomer recognized, as almost every major black American writer has, that music is a primary mode of expression in Afro-American culture, the most direct and accurate expression of Afro-American experience. These laws were known as Jim Crow laws. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

“Blood-Burning Moon” by Jean Toomer

Tom Burwell is the African-American man who loves Louisa, a kitchen maid in the house of the Stone family. Black and white alike are affected by the psycho-sexual strife rippling just below the surface of the story.

White men rushed up to him. He heard the voices of the men circled around it. Pinchback, a prominent black Louisiana politician of the Reconstruction era and a former U. Louisa came down into factory town and sank wearily upon the step before her home. Like a hundred mobs yelling.


As she walks home from her job, she anticipates her usual meeting with Bob in mlon canefield, even as she imagines that Tom will soon propose marriage to her. A mob of white men immediately lynch Tom by tying him to a stake and burning him. The old woman lifted the well-lid, took hold the chain, and began drawing up the heavy bucket. One of the most well-known artists was Aaron Douglas.

Blood-Burning Moon |

Away from the fight, away from the stove, chill got to him. He started to run. When Bob Stone challenges him, Tom easily kills the other man. Tom Burwell, whom the whole town called Big Boy, also loved her. And, just as inevitably, the killing of one equates the killing of the other.

The horror is more than Louisa can bear. As she sang softly at the evil face of the full moon. He threw himself down and dug his fingers in the ground. That same night white men lynch Tom by tying him to a stake inside the abandoned factory and burning it down.

An next year if ole Stone’ll trust me, I’ll have a farm. The big man shoved him through the door. Both flee from the men uncontrollably angry, refusing to believe the truth about her disloyalty and immediately attempting to seek her out.

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Bob sprang to his feet. View the Study Pack. A black and a white male, inseparable enemies, destroy each other over a woman who wants them both. Ultimately, possession of Louisa and dominance of Tom are so essential to his sense of who he is that he risks and loses his life trying to enforce them.

Him, Bob Stone, of the old Stone family, in a scrap with a nigger over a nigger girl. An they jes cant help alikin yo, Louisa. He bit down on his lips. In this story, the moon is rising toward a dark cloud. Some position for him to be in. Join other followers. What Do I Read Next? He got to his feet and walked calmly to their meeting place.

The thought first made him laugh. He collapsed in their arms. Louisa, upon the step before her home, did not hear it, but her eyes opened slowly. Bob Stone, younger son of the people she worked for, loved her.