STANDARD. ISO/IEC. Third edition. Information technology — Open Systems. Interconnection — Network service definition. Technologies de. Find the most up-to-date version of ISO/IEC at Engineering ISO/IEC Information technology – Structure for the identification of organizations and ISO/IEC forms the basis of OSI naming under ISO/IEC

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Format includes 2 fields. Motorcar manufacturer and motor suppliers Notes on use of the code: Partners in assembly industry Notes on use of the code: To be defined Display Requirements: This page was last edited on 17 Octoberat August 98 Additional comments: None, except all fields left justified.

Addition of the Internet protocol address format identifier. IATA will assign a sub value to any company or organisations that participates in aeronautical telecommunications networks. Also for the identification of organizations, places, equipment and governmental entities by the telecommunication industry.

None, except that all fields are left justified Description of organizations covered by the coding system: Between 1 – 12 characters letters, digits and hyphens only. No check digits are needed as the whole message has a checking mechanism.

Publicly Available Standards

It supports organization parts Organization Identifier reuse: Organization Name, up to characters No check digits. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Sambasivan Stentor Resource Centre Inc. These addresses will uniquely identify systems with Siemens Supervisory Systems Network and to the outside world.

No special formatting, plain text digits. Swiss non-banking institutions Notes on use of the code: Character repertoire The EDI identifier consists of digits only. Manufacturing organizations that produce items of industrial production equipment, and whose items are published in industrial plant equipment handbooks.

ISO/IEC 6523

Between 1 – 14 characters letters, digits and hyphens only. Any organization, at its highest level, producing standards that need to be referenced by a Technical Committee or other body of ISO or of another international organization working in the area of standardization.

April Additional comments: Telecommunication administrations and public carriers. November Additional comments: The format includes three fields: For a field of length N, the range will be from 0 to 2 N ICD Organization Code, characters Organization name, up to characters None, as the whole message has a checking mechanism Display Requirements: Will be used internationaly by Roche thus a non-geographic code is required.

Networks using Mitel terminal or switching equipment Notes on use of the code: Association for Font Information Interchange: To facilitate user consultation, the BN is displayed as three components, separated by a space. That standard effectively establishes agreements under which, as allowed by clauses 5.

ISO/IEC 8348:1996

Manufacturing organizations that are obtained. Check character The BN is a 15 character broken into a 9 digit root followed by a 6 character account identifier. Any organization requiring an identifier for use in constructing telecommunications addresses, e.


South African companies, close corporations, State entities and other organizations.

CAN/CSA-ISO/IEC | Standards Council of Canada – Conseil canadien des normes

Information technology — Telecommunications and information exchange between systems — Use of X. As specified in ISO Sponsoring authority: Details not received yet Notes on use of the code: Organization Part Identifier 4.

However, at the discretion of the user they may be employed for other purposes including the formation of other types of telecommunications addresses and OSI object identifiers. Identification of the organization field may only use capital letters, digits 1 -9 and hyphens.

To identify EDI partners Sponsoring authority: Organizational name up to digits Display Requirements: Length of registered organization id The registered organization identifier has a fixed length of 10 digits including check digit Subdivisions of registered organization id There are no formal sub-divisions of the registered organization identifier.