This story is sweet and hot, so be sure to bring your change of panties! And a warning not to read this around your family, as you will get asked. Chapter One Unbroken powdered meadows stretched as far as the eye could see. Snow so pure and undisturbed it gave Sydney Boyle the impression she was. Tossing the paper towel away, she checked her neatly applied makeup, fluffed her loose hair, and then followed Cameron out of the restroom. As Sydney.

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The sight of white powder still falling made her sigh, shoulders drooping. Irresistible Sure, she kept a stiff upper lip. I want to be with you. As her grip on the side of the spa slipped, Irresistible her nipples scraped against the cool deck. He would have her one way or another.

In fact, Born and raised in Arizona, I guess you’d call me a desert iirresistible. She smiled beneath the ski mask protecting her face from the freezing temperatures. Harry stood quietly in the doorway, waiting mackenzoe watching the interplay between them.

Carefully, he stepped into the Jacuzzi and assisted her down into the foamy waters. Her eyes shut as she melted into his kiss. Sydney irrewistible her head.


He rested his chin atop her head as he held her close. Then mackenzke dance, her conversation with Troy popped into her head. Attempting to swallow her emotion, she only managed to slow her tears.


Although not related by blood, they were family.

Would he soon have a little dark-haired girl staring up at him calling him daddy? Was her city persona that obvious? Was her city persona that obvious? Disappointment and irritation clashed as the noise grew louder and nearer. The erotic image was so hot it forced him to release her, dragging her back into his arms as her sweater sprung back in place.

As he covered her body like a second skin, she released a cry that touched his heart. When their eyes met, her embarrassment matched his.

Irresistible By Mackenzie McKade-Read Any Books Online

Then he wrapped his arms around her waist and crushed her body to his. I suggest you make sure your batteries are fully charged before picking up Irresistible!!! She wasted a little more time adjusting her midthigh-length, cowl-neck angora sweater that matched her red trendy boots.

Palms on her waist, he reared back, sitting on his calves, taking her with him. Bill is my wonderful husband of twenty-two years. Sydney belonged here with them—with him—forever. Then he slid her bottoms past her hips and they fell, sliding down her legs.


An invisible weight pressed hard against her chest, but before she could reflect further, Cameron continued. What the hell happened last night?

When she glanced over her shoulder at the cowboy, he stroked the rim of his hat and grinned. Bitter cold stung his face. They rasped against his naked skin, creating tendrils of pleasure to unfurl and release between her thighs. Open Preview See a Problem? And then the silence. A puddle of water accumulated at her feet as her towel hung limp by her side. He had to have her now.


Even her bronze skin leant a Mediterranean feel he found hard to resist. Her petite figure was heart-stopping in a yellow bikini that barely hid a thing from his roving eyes. Curling her fingers into the comforter, she buried her face into a pillow and wept.

They ached, tingling as feeling rushed back in. I will not have Mom catching you feeling me up on her family-room couch.

Where can I read it? Pink spotted her cheeks, while tendons tightened along her neck.

Heart pounding, she once more glanced over a shoulder at him. The hero is sexy as hell, very alpha, and well… Kckade Books by Mackenzie McKade. It felt very rushed and shallow. His weight, the feel of his skin touching hers, made her pulse speed, her breasts grow heavy, and her inner muscles contract.

Then he exhaled and pressed his forehead against hers. The last chords of the music strummed and he planned to be next to Sydney before a new song began. The tightness in her face and her unusual silence said she had 52 www.