This papercraft is the Iron Patriot, the name of a fictional powered exoskeleton in Marvel Comics, from the Iron Man 3 film, the paper model created by Jul. Thanks! They’re up by a miracle worker on the RPF: jackieisrockins-iron-patriot-im3-pepakura-files-links/. iron patriot pepakura 3d models ✅. This is the Iron Man Iron Patriot Helmet from Iron Man 3. This helmet was a request from one of my patrons on my patreon.

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Iron Patriot 3d model.

Iron Patriot from “Iron Man 3: Iron Patriot Helmet Iron Man. This helmet was a request from one of my patrons on my patreon page.

Iron Man 3 – Iron Patriot Free Papercraft Download

Compatible with XNALara 9. The Patriot Iron man has been my favorite Superhero without a power.


I hope you enjoy it as mush as I did. Iron Patruot – rigged low poly 3d model with textures from “Iron Man 3″Static obj provided by defectiveepicman HERERigged with custom rig, mesh fixed, added custom made textures and you are not obliged to give credit for that. This is the Iron Patriot cannon from Iron Man 3, including the main gun body, various mounting brackets, and pins to secure the section patrkot.

Iron Man – Iron Patriot Full Armor +FOAM+ –

The main gun body is right over 18″ in length, that scales out to approximately the War Machine Iron Patriot 3d model.

Educational purposesFan artGame modMachinima. It was inspiratet from the game “Saints Row”. Low Poly Volcano Pepakura. Low Poly Cutaway Vulcano for my daughter school project.

Pepakura assemblyhand painted: Leave a comment if you are interested in the. The software used to eppakura the. Iron man patriot of osborn low poly 3d models HD.


Render in vray sp 1. Paw Patrol Lookout Tower pepakura.

Jackieisrockin’s IM3 Iron Patriot Pepakura Files! V2 files coming soon!

The model should be printable if you scale it properly! The pepakura model pdfs are included.

The finished tower should be about mm tall when printed on A4 paper. Related 3d models searches:.