Hydranencephaly after Maternal Butane-gas Intoxication during Pregnancy . Hydranence’phalie apr.?s intoxication maternelle par le gaz butane durant la. Autoerotic Accident by Inhalation of Propane-Butane Gas Mixture Toxicologic investigations revealed an intoxication with propane and butane .. kan ve doku örneklerinde gaz komponentlerinin analizinin yap›labilmesi tan›. Butane is a colourless and flammable gas with a gasoline-like or natural gas This paper discusses the medico-legal approach for this type of intoxication.

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Butane concentration in exhaled breath decreased rapidly to less than 5 ppm, 20 min after exposure ended.

In the case reported by Gosseye et al. There were some cerebral remnants in the thalamic regions, and the posterior fossa structures appeared to be preserved.

Butane – Wikipedia

Nomenclature of Organic Chemistry: The data are from a species with a relatively high susceptibility to butane. Complete anesthesia loss of posture was defined as the inability to regain an upright position after shaking the bottle in which the mice were placed 5 mice in a L bottle. Although the AEGL values represent threshold concentrations for the general public, including susceptible subpopulations, such as infants, children, the elderly, persons with asthma, and those with other illnesses, it is recognized that individuals, subject to idiosyncratic responses, could experience butahe effects described at concentrations below the corresponding AEGL.

Animals were killed immediately after exposure. The subsequent cavitation Antonio Gonzalez, M. The effects are attributed to butane itself and no relevant differences in kinetics are assumed, so only small interindividual differences are expected. Other names Butyl hydride [1] Quartane [2]. Das Kind wurde mit 39 Wochen geboren. The thalamus, brainstem and cerebellum were preserved.

Skip to main content. In this way, intoxciation leaks can easily be identified.

Total uncertainty factor of 3 for differences between species and individuals. In this form it is often mixed with small amounts of hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans which will give the unburned gas an offensive smell easily detected by the human nose. Case studies also reveal that serious brain damage and underdeveloped organs can occur in fetuses in case of high single exposures during the week 27 or 30 of pregnancy. Suicide by LPG inhalation was relatively common due to widespread availability of installation systems.


Butane concentration will have decreased during exposure; thus, the effects observed cannot be related to a specific exposure concentration. Higher alkanes List of alkanes. Substance abuse is one of the predominant causes of death from butane intoxication.

Watanebe T, Morita M. Tissue concentrations of methyl ethyl ketone were 2. She was found comatose and needed resuscitation. Ventricular fibrillation following butane gas inhalation; pp. The authors subjected the individual animal data sets to probit analysis with exposure duration and exposure concentration as independent variables. They reported that exposure to butane at slowly increasing concentrations up to 50, ppm total exposure duration at least 10 min and toppm short exposure, exact duration unknown on the same day did not result in serious complaints Yaz and Yant Wikimedia Commons has media related to Butane.

The min AEGL-2 value is greater than the lower explosive limit for butane in air of 19, ppm. Propane is a colourless and odourless flammable gas.

She gradually regained consciousness and was discharged 48 h after admission. Phenomenology of intoxication with toluene-based adhesives and butane gas; pp. The electrocardiogram showed T-wave inversion across the anterior chest leads.

Anesthetized dogs were exposed to butane by a tracheal cannula, and epinephrine 0. The distribution pattern of isomeric alcohols; pp. This might be explained by the difference in the ratio of minute ventilation to body weight, which is approximately two-fold greater in mice. A total uncertainty factor of 3 is considered sufficient to account for toxicokinetic and toxicodynamic differences between individuals and interspecies differences for the following reasons. Asphyxia due to oxygen deficiency by gaseous substances.


By analogy to other CNS-depressing substances, the effects of butane are assumed to be solely concentration dependent.

Surviving mice recovered within a few min after exposure ended. For the same reasons as for AEGL-1, steady-state plasma concentrations will be reached within 30 min of btane. Die Mutter hatte im sechsten Schwangerschaftsmonat versehentlich Butan inhaliert. Retrieved from ” https: Most deaths attributed to butane use are caused by SSDS.

The calculated min value of 77, ppm is supported by the data from Patty and Yant The concentrations were analyzed periodically and adjustments intoxicatoon to maintain the predetermined concentrations. In the IUPAC nomenclature, however, “butane” refers only to the n -butane isomer which is the isomer with the unbranched structure.

Department of Commerce, Bureau of Mines.

Suicide by Inhalation of Suffocative Gas

A report of five cases of 13, Recovery was slow and complicated by acute renal failure and recurrent pulmonary edema Edwards and Wenstone These data are only briefly described because they provide no clear dose-response data and, for abuse cases, subjects generally have a history of repeated exposure, so tolerance to butane could have developed Evans and Raistrick Therefore, the starting point for the min and the 1- 4- and 8-h values were the 2-h steady-state value of 50, ppm.

Remember me on this computer. Also, no noticeable irritation was reported at concentrations up toppm probably for a few minand a larger uncertainty factor of 3 would lead to unrealistically low AEGL-1 values.

While hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans are toxic, they are present in levels so low that suffocation and fire hazard by the butane becomes a concern far before toxicity. In an intermittent exposure test, subjects were exposed at fixed concentration for faz short, unspecified intoxicatlon.