The [Run] section is optional, and specifies any number of programs to execute after the program has been successfully installed, but before the Setup program. The latter can happen if CloseApplications is set to yes or force. Installing Shown during the actual installation process. Information Shown if InfoAfterFile is set. Note that the DisableFinishedPage directive is ignored if a restart of the computer is deemed necessary, or if a file is assigned to the InfoAfterFile [Setup] section.

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This parameter was deprecated and replaced by flags in Inno Setup 3. This flag instructs Inno Setup not to statically compile the file specified by the Source parameter into the installation files, but instead copy from an existing file on the distribution media or the user’s system.

Email Required, but never shown.

[Setup]: InfoBeforeFile

Sign up using Email and Password. Added new TStringStream class. If no custom type is defined, innoserup parameter is ignored. NTFS partitions store time stamps in UTC unlike FAT partitionswhich causes local time stamps — what Inno Setup works with by default — to shift whenever a user changes their system’s time zone or when daylight saving time goes into or out of effect. Note that unlike the Source parameter, a simple Unix-style pattern matching routine is used for Excludes.

Here is an example of a [Files] section: If the compiler detects a entry with an isreadme flag, it strips the isreadme flag from the [Files] entry and inserts a generated [Run] entry at the head of the list of [Run] entries. When this happens, the user will be prompted to restart their computer at the end of the installation process.

Previously this flag was called showcheckbox. It is strongly recommended that you DO NOT use inoafterfile flag, unless you are absolutely sure you know what you’re doing.


[Files] section

Prevents Setup from restarting the system following a successful installation, or after a Preparing to Install failure that requests a restart. If Setup has to restart the user’s computer as a result of installing a file with the flag restartreplace or if the AlwaysRestart [Setup] section directive is yesthere will not be an opportunity for the checkbox to be displayed and therefore the entry will never be processed. This description depends on the type of the entry normal or shellexec.

This must be exactly the same name as you see when you double-click the font file in Explorer.

Ignored if [Setup] section directive SignTool is not set. This flag causes these directories to be created at install time just like if you created [Dirs] entries for them. Instructs Setup to create a checkbox on the Setup Completed wizard page. The following example shows how to load a file specified by the command line parameter -iaf only if that parameter is present and the file exists:. Specifies the language to use.

If this parameter is not specified or is blank, a default message of “Finishing installation Overrides the default folder name displayed on the Select Start Menu Folder infafterfile page. Disables the compiler’s automatic checking for unsafe files.

Setup Command Line Parameters

Multiple innoseetup may be used by separating them by spaces. If a file already exists on the user’s system, it by default will be replaced according to the following rules:. If the count reaches zero, the file is deleted with the user’s confirmation, unless the onfoafterfile flag is also specified.

See the Source parameter description for more information. When combined with either the regserver or regtypelib flags, Setup will not display any error message if the registration fails. Instructs Setup to skip this entry if Setup is running very silent.

If a user launches Setup by right-clicking its EXE file and selecting “Run as administrator”, then this flag, unfortunately, will have no effect, because Setup has no opportunity to run any code with the original user credentials. Lnnosetup flag has no effect if the user does not have administrative privileges.


[Setup]: DisableFinishedPage

Otherwise, it will innostup be replaced. Don’t copy the file to the user’s system during the normal file copying stage but do statically compile the file into the installation. This flag instructs the compiler to digitally sign the original source files before storing them. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of servicejnfoafterfile policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

If a file with the specified name already exists it will be overwritten. This parameter is a set of extra options. However, you infoafterfiel load a file manually into the InfoAfterMemo control. When the flag external is specified, Source must be the full pathname of an existing file or wildcard on the distribution media or the user’s system e.

This can include one or more of the following: Will almost always begin with one of the directory constants. Overrides the default directory name displayed on the Select Destination Location wizard page.

This flag instructs the compiler to compress the found files sorted by name before it sorts by path name. Certain flags such as onlyifdoesntexistignoreversionand promptifolder alter the aforementioned nifoafterfile. Most files installed to the Windows System directory should use this flag, including. The following options are supported:. This parameter should only be used on files private to your intoafterfile.