Purificación de inclusiones citoplasmáticas del virus del mosaico de la caña de azúcar. []. Lavastida, G., Centro Nacional de Sanidad Agropecuaria León. Inclusiones citoplasmáticas en plantas de frijol infectadas con el virus del mosaico común del frijol (BCMV) []. Valdés, E., Instituto de Investigaciones. la presencia de las características inclusiones citoplasmáticas o cuerpos de Lewy. Estas inclusiones neuronales están ampliamente distribuídas por todo el.

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A creatinaquinase mostrou-se elevada em 10 casos. A eletromiografia foi anormal em todos os casos. Among muscle biopsies, we studied 16 cases with rimmed vacuoles, whose histology suggests cytoplasm inclusion cutoplasmaticas. We tried to correlate the clinical, laboratory and histopatological data in order to verify the specificity of cytoplasm inclusion bodies to certain diseases. The creatinekinase was increased in 10 cases. In all cases electromyography was abnormal.

Muscle histochemistry revealed myopathy in 5 cases, mixed pattern in 7, denervation in 2 and in 2 cases, inflammatory myopathy. Electron microscopy showed the presence of filaments in 8 cases nuclear, disseminated in cytoplasm or in the subsarcolemmal region. The patients were classified according to history, heredity, laboratory, electrophysiologic, histochemistry data and electron microscopy: We present a revision on the pathogenesis and possible etiology of rimmed vacuoles and their relationship with several diseases.

Full text available only in PDF format. Agradecimentos – Agradecemos ao Dr. Inclusion body myositis in inclusionea muscular atrophy, Acta Neurol Scand ; Myopathy with cellular inclusions. Trans Am Neurol Assoc ; Arahata K, Engel AG. Monoclonal antibody analysis of mononuclear cells in myopathies: Quantitation of subsets according to diagnosis and sites of accumulation and demonstration and counts of muscle fibers invaded by T cells. Arahata K, Engel, AG.


Aigov Z, Yarom R. J Neurol SciAskanas V, Alvarez, RB. Fast and reliable new method for electron-microscopic identification of cytoplasmic tubulo-fi inclusilnes in biopsies of patients with inclusion-body myositis. Amyloid precursor epitopes in muscle fibers of inclusion body myositis.

Purificación de inclusiones citoplasmáticas del virus del mosaico de la caña de azúcar.

Prion protein abnormally accumulated in inclusion-body myositis. Light and electron microscopic localization of beta-amyloid protein in muscle biopsies of patients with inclusion-body myositis.

Am J Pathol ; Immunolocalization of ubiquitin in muscle biopsies of patients with inclusion body myositis and oculopharyngeal imclusiones dystrophy.

Immunocytochemical loclization of ubiquitin in inclusion body myositis allows its light-microscopic distinction from polymiositis. Beta-amyloid protein immunoreactivity in muscle of patients with citoplxsmaticas myositis. Mass occurrence of multilamellar bodies citoplasmwticas myopathy. Virchows Arch Cell Pathol ; N Engl J Med ; Strong imumunoreactivity of alpha-antichymotrypsin co-localizes witth beta-amyloid protein and ubiquitin in vacuolated muscle fibers of inclusion-body myositis. The physiological and technical basis of electromyography.

An introduction to electromyography. Scandinavian Univ Books, Inclusion body myositis presenting as treatment-resistant polymyositis. Chad D, Good P.

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Engel AG, Arahata K. Phenotypes of autoinvasive cells in polymyositis and inclusion body myositis. Basic reactions of muscle. Ultrastructural changes in diseased muscle.

Microbiología/Células procariotas – Wikilibros

Inclusione neuromuscular inclusiohes with inclusion body myositis-like filamentous inclusions: Oculopharyngeal muscular dystrophy and distal myopathy: Acta Neurol Scand ; Inclusion body myositis and Sjogren’s syndrome.

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