The IMO problem set, selected solutions, some statistics, and a glossary . The IMO shortlist has 27 problems categorized in four fields (at one page. IMO · IMO Please send relevant PDF files to the webmaster: [email protected] Year, Language, Download, Shortlist . , English. The International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) is nearing its fiftieth an- niversary and has already created a very The goal of this book is to include all problems ever shortlisted for the. IMOs in a single volume. Up to this IMO

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International Mathematical Olympiad selection process. The sides of the triangle ABC subtend the same angles at the point F inside the triangle. He won a gold medal when he just turned thirteen in IMObecoming the youngest person at that time [69] to receive a gold medal a feat matched in by Zhuo Qun Song of Canada.

The examination consists of six problems. Prominently featured are ino inequalitiescomplex numbersand construction -oriented 20002 problems, though in recent years the latter shortkist not been as popular as before. The team leaders arrive at the IMO a few days in advance of the contestants and form the IMO Jury which is responsible for all the formal decisions relating to the contest, starting with selecting the six problems from the shortlist.

International Mathematical Olympiad

In countries of the former Soviet Union and other eastern European countries, a team has in the past been chosen several years beforehand, and they are given special training specifically for shoortlist event. What is the maximum possible number of weak quartets?


Calculus, though allowed in solutions, is never required, as there is a principle that anyone with a basic understanding of mathematics should understand the problems, even if the solutions require a great deal more knowledge. China at International Mathematical Olympiad”. The current ten countries ijo the best all-time results are as follows: It has since been held annually, except in Views Read Edit View history.

The first IMO was held in Romania in Must be Terence Tao”. Express as the smallest possible number of positive or negative cubes.

43rd IMO shortlist /G7 solution

However, they are usually disguised so as to make the solutions difficult. The problems chosen are from various areas of secondary school mathematics, broadly classifiable as geometrynumber theoryalgebraand combinatorics.

US at International Mathematical Olympiad”. The line KM meets the incircle again at N.

The shirtlist is held over two consecutive days; each day the contestants have four-and-a-half hours to solve three problems. Cumulative Results by Country”. The circles S and S’ meet at A and B. Special prizes may be awarded for solutions of outstanding elegance or involving good generalisations of a problem.

Each problem is worth seven points, so the maximum total score is 42 points. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Subject to these conditions, an individual may participate any number of times in the IMO. Teams are not officially recognized—all scores are given only imk individual contestants, but team scoring is unofficially compared more than individual scores.

The cutoffs minimum scores required to receive a gold, silver or bronze medal respectively are then chosen so that the numbers of gold, silver and bronze medals awarded are approximately in the ratios 1: Participants who do not win a medal but who score seven points on at least one problem receive an honorable mention.

As the leaders know the problems in advance of the contestants, they are kept strictly separated and observed.

A graph has points. A, B are distinct variable points on the circle S not at P or Q. Note that both Elkies and Tao could have participated in the IMO multiple times following their success, but entered university and therefore became ineligible. Soviet Union [n 2]. A tromino is an L shape formed from three squares. The International Mathematical Olympiad is one of the most prestigious mathematical competitions in the world. B seeks to identify shortllst. They require no knowledge of higher mathematics such as calculus and analysisand solutions are often short and elementary.

Bulgaria at International Mathematical Olympiad”.