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IEC Standard | Switches for appliances – Part Requirements for mechanical switches. This part of IEC applies to switches for appliances. The switches are intended to control electrical appliances and other equipment for. This part of IEC applies to electronic switching devices and shall be used in conjunction with the general requirements of IEC

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The number of test specimens required and the relevant clauses are as follows NOTE A survey of test specimens and lelated clauses is given in table 1 5.

Having been subjected to the test, the switch shall comply with the requirements of clause 9. Clearance is the “hne-of-sight” distance. For electronic switches, the eleclrical conditions are those specified in table The requirement of correct introdtjction is met if introduction of the screw In a slanting manner is prevented, for example, by guiding the screw by the part to be fixed, by a recess in the female thread or by the use of a screw with the leading thread removed.

Test plans otiier tlian as described in this annex may be used if determined to satisfy the same purpose. Compliance is checked by inspection, by measurement and by insertion of flexible and rigid conductors of cross-sectional areas according to table 4.

BS EN IEC – Switches for appliances. General requirements

Electronic cord switches and electronic independently mounted ice – without incorporated temperature-limiting devices or without incorporated fuses are tested according to Testing and measurement techniques – Section 2: For other protective devices, the resistive element is to be replaced by an equivalent impedance. The electrical conditions are those specified in 17 2 1 The method of operation is that specified for high speed in Tests may be carried out with different test ied than those applied in conjunction with the type tests if the alternate test methods can be shown to be equivalent.


This edition constitutes a technical revision.

The force is applied by means of a straight -unjointed test finger of the same dimensions as the jointed test finger shown in figure’ 1 bflEC The switch shall not show any damage such as to impair compliance with this standard. Table 23 – Minimum creepage distances for basic Insulation Rated voltage r. Iron- core inductors may be used provided that the current has a substantial sine-wave form.

Part 1 Principles, requirements and tests IS Part 3: Abrupt changes in supply voltage shall occur at zero crossings.

The impedance Zi short-circuit impedance shall be adjustable to satisfy the specified prospective short-circuit current.

A switch family may include the following variations: Protection against overvoltage – Section Circuits and contacts which are not Intended for external loads are operated with the designated load.

NOTE 2 The heating occurring at full load current of the end application with eic rated duty-type, under the cooling conditions present at the end application, should not be higher than the values recorded during the lest with thermal current. The switches are intended to control electrical appliances and other equipment for household or similar purposes with ief rated voltage not exceeding V and a rated current not exceeding 63 A.

IEC 61058-1

Complmnc9 is checked ifc the appropriafe test specified in lEC In this adopted standard, reference appears to certain International Standards for which Indian Standards also exist. The overcurrent relay shalf not trip when the output current is less han tOO niA. Creepage path follows the contour of the grooves.

Occasional flickering of luminaires and irregular running of motors during the test are neglected. After the test, the electronic switch shall remain iri its original state.

Rotating machinery lEC Immunity to conducted disturbances, indiiced by radio- frequency fields lEC 1: Compliance is ctiecked by measurement.

BS EN IEC 61058-1:2018

Eacli break snaii be not less ieec one-third of the prescribec distance Testing and measurement techniques — Section 6: For switches classified according to 7. For PTC-S thermistors, the power dissipation of which exceeds 15 W far the rated zero-power resistance at an ambient temperature of 25 ‘C, the encapsulation or tubing shall comply with the flammability category FV1 or better according to lEC When the switch has a rated number of operating cycles below 10or when the clamping means of the screwless terminal forms part of the conductive path through the switch, compliance is checked by the following thermal endurance test.


The glands are then tightened by means of a suitable spanner, the torque specified in table 21 being applied to the spanner for 1 min. Electrical and magnetic devices lEC The envelope dimensions of female connectors for flat quick-connect terminations used for tests shall be in accordance with figure 8.

When tested with maximum rated resistive current, the voltage is iwc increased to 1. NOTE Care has to be taken that the contact resistance between the trp ic the measuring probe and the metal part under test does not inFlusnce the test results. The conductors shall be able to enter into the terminal aperture without undue force to the designed depth of the terminal. For ttie purpose of the test, all the parts of each pole are connected together: Testing and measurement techniques — Section ifc Table 26 – Conventional fusing current versus rated current Table 27 – Requirements for capacitors Table 28 – Test levels and duration for voltage dips and short interruptions Table 29 – Fast transient bursts Compliance is checked by measurement.

Provides only protection against pollution by improving the environment for spacings betvi’een printed wiring conductors under the coating to pollution degree 1.