The Theology of Arithmetic. On the Mystical, Mathematical and Cosmological Symbolism of the First Ten Numbers. Attributed to Iamblichus. The Theology of Arithmetic: On the Mystical, Mathematical and Cosmological Symbolism of the First Ten Numbers. Front Cover. Iamblichus. Phanes Press, Jan 1. The theology of arithmetic: on the mystical, mathematical and cosmological symbolism of the first ten numbers. Front Cover. Iamblichus. Phanes Press, .

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It may be assumed, anyway, that those passages without footnotes are ones where I felt that a little thought could reveal the meaning. This suggests that there was some common seminal writer, whose name is unknown to us it arithmetif to be thought to be the polymath Posidonius c.

Iamblichus – The theology of arithmetic

They believe that numbers embody reality and their allusions represent universal truths. Thee are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Plato composed the soul out of seven numbers.

Here duas dyad is linked with duseis settings. Write a customer review. Furthermore, it is also the summation of all the relationships of the concords which display in a basic way harmonic theory — 6, 8, 9 and 12; and it has been shown earlier 22 that this 35, which is an enharmonic and particularly productive parallelogram encom- passed by two odd sides 5 and 7 in length, is life-engendering, tehology extended and raised to a third dimension by 6 for iwmblichus is most suited to soul, the life-force.

The Theology of Arithmetic by Iamblichus of Chalcis

The fragmentary evidence from the intervening cen- turies allows us to be sure that arithmological tenets were used in various commentaries on Plato’s dialogues especially Timaeus, of course ; but the mainstream of progress can only be conjectured.

A square whose area is 16 has four sides each 4 in length: Any unattributed ‘they’ in this treatise means ‘the Pythagoreans. Fire is the ‘body which is hard to dissolve. You will revisit concepts that you thought you knew something about but never fully appreciated.


Kosmos universe literally means ‘order. The treatise is, in fact, a compilation and arithmeticc like a student’s written-up notes. Amazon Zrithmetic Digital Educational Resources.

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Quality [64] and color and light accompany corporeal magni- tudes in three dimensions and evidently fall under the pentad; 23 ensoulment and the condition of life fall under the hexad, which is why it is so called; 24 completion and thought fall under the hebdo- mad.

The four perfect numbers, or iwmblichus four types of perfection, correspond to the four levels of the tetraktys. Moreover, its parts namely, 1, 2, 3 have a certain arithmetical iambpichus. John rated it it was amazing Dec 01, The Greek for ‘part’ is meros, for ‘limb’ melos. Both passages are probably from Nicomachus, so they should be resolved into the idea that the monad is the most important of the primary and co-existent pair of sources, the monad and the dyad, or sameness and difference.

Given that Aetius’ ultimate source is Theophrastus, who wrote in the fourth century B. Having made this division and related it to the sevenness of the planetary system, Plato goes on to describe the filling in of the intervals.

Explore the Home Gift Guide. That is, the six directions: There are many extant Fheology maxims, some of which are equally banal, at first sight e. But if the dyad is a system of monads, 15 then [14] the monads are generated theo,ogy and if the monad is half the tyeology, then the existence of the dyad is necessarily prior.

The progression given by Aetius is from first principles to numbers, symmetries, harmonies and geometricals, and it seems to reflect the progression arithmetic, harmonic and geometric, which are the three primary means that Plato proposed that the Divine Artificer demiurgos used to proportion the ‘world soul’ Timaeus The word for ‘Nature’ is cognate with ‘growth’; the ‘seed principle’ is the monad see e.


As far as we can tell, no sooner had the Greeks been prompted probably by contact with the Middle East to elevate mathematics out of the market-place and into a pure science, than they also began to perceive philosophical and religious connotations to what they were doing.

The total 20 is again the area of the heteromecic in question, but the journeying of heteromecics does not have arithmetjc same finishing-point as starting-point, as squares do.

Several others have helped me to understand one or more passages of the treatise, and I would like to acknowledge such assistance from the following people: The Greek for ‘message’ is aggelia, what angels bring; Nicomachus means us to remember agelaia forager.

See Plato, Timaeus 53cc. Iamblichuus Pythagoreans simply attributed this orderliness to the presence of number: Plato, Timaeus 32b-c, and pp.

On the Pentad From Anatolius The pentad is the first number to encompass the specific identity of all number, since it encompasses 2, iwmblichus first even number, and 3, the first odd number. Guilherme Kalnin rated it liked it Jun 10, Each dot becomes representative of a position in the process of generation — from undifferentiated unity into ‘twiceness’ and ‘thriceness’ in the first dimension, ‘foumess’ and ‘nineness’ as their theoloty planar reflections, and ‘eightness’ and ‘twenty-sevenness’ as their projections into the ultimate third dimension or bodily world.