HttpUnit is an open source test framework for web applications which can provide browser specific behaviour like sending request to the We are using Spring sts , JDK 8, HttpUnit JUnit Tutorial for Unit Testing. 4. However if you’re a programmer who just got the job to create functional or unit tests, you’ll find HttpUnit a much more enjoyable and programmer-friendly toolkit. HttpUnit allows us to test navigating through our JSPs by clicking links and buttons and filling out forms. In this tutorial, we will explain.

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HttpUnit Tutorial

These indicate that portions of the code are not complete. You might also consider putting your todo comments in your test cases, rather than in the code itself. Welcome to the example 1. Each Test Case implementation extends this class. The RhinoScript Javascript engine works quite well, but for some complex Javascripts and most applications require a lot of it could trigger Exceptions in the engine.

Specifying the authorization information. The developers could add a search box on the top for example, and your tests will potentially fail even if the specific Form you’re using will not change. Then we need to download the HttpUnit framework – currently at version 1. These “viral” tests can be excluded from the batch test run, and they can be run separately, restoring the initial database state after running them.

Most Test Cases do not need a specific user to carry out the activities, they typically require a user in a specific Role, like Administrator, or Visitor, or RegisteredUser.

For this create another jsp file example2. First of all, we need an installed Java 2 SDK, to be able to compile and execute our tests. Invoking the servlet via its URL. What we need to test. Struts actions can be unit tested with StrutsUnit, and WebWork 2 actions can be unit tested without a web container for example. This process reduces the likelihood that you will procrastinate and skip some of the tests.


There are some more items that should not live in the source files: About Privacy Policy Contact. If that happens, your test fails. Each section of the tutorial will address a specific use of the system, and show how HttpUnit and ServletUnit can be used to write tests which verify that functionality.

Unit Testing with HTTPUnit

It could be done, given an infinite amount of time for the test development, but a good human tester can assess these things way more efficiently. HttpUnit is a framework based on jUnit, which allows the implementation of automated test scripts for web applications. It is a good practice to aim for similar sized scenarios – larger scenarios can be broken down to smaller chunks.

Searching for the Holy Grail tutorkal software development It’s useful to have up-to-date HTML reports available on a project-specific intranet site.

Pay particular httphnit to the todo comments. For my example I have created lib directory under learnhttpunit directory and copied the content of lib and jars directory into it. After you implement each test, it should fail until you then add the implementation. JUnit assertions are a poor way to check if the look-and-feel, the layout, and the design of the page are compliant to the requirements. You then ask the form for a WebRequest object, passing in the name of one of the submit buttons.

While using HttpUnit will not replace manual testing, it is nevertheless a great way to create automated tests programmatically, with much more freedom than the typical visual test scripting environments.

You should see the following output. So any automated test run should be executed on a cleanly built system, using a fresh database, which may already contain some test data specified in the Test Cases.

From these documents, we have to create an organized list of Test Cases. So all we need to do is to create a build. While tools recording the Browser activity tend to record every insignificant detail, with big and hard-to-modify recorded scripts, using HttpUnit will allow a developer to create readable, concise, and cleanly structured code, which can focus on validating the important details.


Each method should be runnable successfully individually.

Each method typically logs in with a specific Role, and then executes the interaction with the web application. This way the QA Engineers manually testing the application can see the same initial state and configured htfpunit for their tests.

The JSP now contains logic to display the error message attribute, which is sometimes provided by the servlet. As for various MVC framework based components, these are better suited for testing with other test frameworks. Downloading HttpUnit HttpUnit is freely available on the sourceforge.

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The initial tasks will use the ServletRunner class, thus bypassing the need for a web browser or servlet engine. Some tests may put the system in an invalid state.

In case an Exception occurred, or an assertion failure happened, it will display a very distressing red line. Tutoial could be argued that externalizing the URLs to property files for example could potentially reduce the effort to maintain the Test Cases, but it would be harder for a tester to review and update a Test Script. Extract the downloaded file into your favorite directory.

Tutorlal this example we will develop a program to access httpunti JSP file from tomcat server running locally. Based on the architectural requirements above, for each project I typically create a base Test Case class, which extends the jUnit TestCase class.

Example shows the updated servlet. I am Example 1 Page content is: To run this code, you will also need the web. Later tasks will require a web browser and a servlet engine, and use WebConversation.