Thea Galehouse, adrift and under-motivated, is a junior at Manhattan’s Stuyvesant High School when she meets senior Will Weston and makes. Hooked by Catherine Greenman is not your typical pregnancy novel. There is no ‘ you will get pregnant and you will die.’ Hooked opens pretty. I am not a huge fan of teenage pregnancy so I wasn’t sure how much I was going to love Hooked, but Catherine Greenman does not try to.

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At one point Will tells her that she’s “weird” in a good, smart, quirky way, apparentlybut there’s little evidence of this. Thea really geenman charge of her own life and her son making decisions that were beneficial for both of them. The writing is really fast-paced and easy to get into but it was very immature in my opinion, especially in the beginning.

I like that you say its not sugar coated. Which is why I say that I liked the caherine.

{Book Review} Hooked by Catherine Greenman

She doesn’t just come right out and say every thought on every characters minds, she plays around with their body language and subtle cues to help get at what their feelings are, and I loved that so much! She is a native New Yorker and still lives in hookd city, with her husband bt children. I thought he was realistic. In my free time I can be found binge watching The Office with my husband and baby, spending way too much time on Pinterest or exploring my neighborhood.


It’s so wonderfully written, that you just can’t help but want to read more and more.

Hooked by Catherine Greenman | : Books

Hooked is such a believable and real book. Feb 01, Maya Khan rated it really liked it Shelves: I flew through it in a couple sittings and couldn’t put it down. Thea GalehouseWill Weston. And that starts Thea and Will on a wild ride that neither of catherin could have possibly prepared for. Can you tell that I hate when books aren’t realistic?

Recommended to Peggy by: They meet, talk, whatever. If not her actions, at least the feelings behind them.

Catherine does a great job describing everything, and she is awesome at developing her characters subtly. Jan 28, Michelle rated it liked it Shelves: I think it made Thea, our main narrator a lot stronger in the end. Halfway through senior year, she gets pregnant, to the dismay of her divorced parents and Will, now a Columbia freshman. She made it look somewhat easy.


The way Will acted in the second half of the book was completely unacceptable, and some of the things Thea says regarding will in the last chapter just made me shake my head, and I kind of felt bad for her.

{Book Review} Hooked by Catherine Greenman – Book Briefs

All I know is that having a kid that young didn’t work out that way for me. Sep 15, kb rated it liked it Shelves: Towards the end, the book does get a little better. Unexpected and also a bit underwhelming, but still a good book.

Not everything is wrapped up, but hey that is real life. October 20, at 8: But that was not Thea at all.

Comments Christina T says: But forewarning, if you are even the slightest bit crafty you may have the urge to start taking up crocheting or checking out wool stores. Didn’t fall head-over-heels for any of them, but I didn’t hate any of them.