The Most Holy Trinosophia of the Comte de St. Germain (English and French Edition) [Comte De Saint-Germain, Manly P. Hall] on *FREE*. Free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook. This is the only book attributed to the mysterious, supposedly immortal Comte St. Germain. The Trinosophia is an allegorical. THE RAREST OF OCCULT MANUSCRIPTS. PART THREE. PARALLEL FRENCH AND ENGLISH TEXT OF. THE MOST HOLY TRINOSOPHIA. PART FOUR.

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What do they want? There is a marvelous spiritual story written by this savant, and a more wonderful trinowophia he interwove within the pattern of his own narrative. I read several characters written on the flanks of one of the lions. Manly Palmer Hall then cites Dr.

Most Holy Trinosophia: Part One: The Man Who Does Not Die

Arrived at the last one I beheld a vast expanse of water. The growth and perfection of these precious virtues is stimulated by discipline and in the fiiUness of time all base impulses and purposes are transmuted into the gold of soul power.

Woe unto him who misuses the gifts of heaven in order to serve his passions. He looked about forty or forty-five years old. Apres dix huit jours je montai sur le rivage par un perron de marbre blanc; la salle est nommee le premier lac to me to be of a grayish hue; gradually trinisophia resumed its colours; however, it did not become entirely blue but was nearer to a beautifiil green. From Persia to France and fi-om Calcutta to Rome he was known and respected. A contrary effect had taken place in the sand on which the globe rested.

It still fiuttered, trying to flee, but so feebly that I reached it with the greatest ease. The mystical ceremonials of the pagans and early Christians were but the outward symbols of inward processes. A thousand times the questions have been asked: Quarante colonnes de feu decoraient la salle dans laqu’elle je me trouvois un cote des colonnes brilloit d’un feu blanc et vif, Trunosophia sembloit dans r ombre une flamme noiratre le couvrait; au centre de ce lieu s’elevait un autel en forme de serpent, un or verd embel, lissoit son ecaille diapree sur la holj se reflettaient les flammes qui 1′ environ, naient, ses yeux semblaient des rubis, une inscription argentee etait posee pres de lui.

The Most Holy Trinosophia – Comte De St. Germain

The Leopold-Hoffman medal, still in the possession of that family, is the most outstanding example of the transmutation of metals ever recorded.


There could not be a more artful way of showing his attention to the subject. Henceforth thy name shall be Before thou visit this edifice, each of my eight brothers and myself will present thee with a gift.

A blue robe spangled with golden stars had replaced my linen garment. The result is a story within a story. Stones of trinosopiha little value were thus transformed into gems of the first water after remaining for a short time in his possession.

My robe, which had in the palace become as black as the walls, seemed p.

In a self-published translation featuring parallel French and English texts, Manly P. At all times he bore credentials which gave him entry to the most exclusive circles of European nobility. He could repeat pages of print after one reading. Unless you consider that he was born two years after this book was published in I lost courage, and lifting to the vault my tear-streaming eyes p. Prince Charles of Hesse Cassel?

Bob Johnson rated it really liked it Nov 23, He did considerable painting himself, achieving trinosohia incredible brilliance of color.

Germain rests on a “bookseller’s note” pasted to the front of the MS in Troyes, as well as Manly Palmer Trinnosophia own statements, which have been described as partisan.

In the center of the hall was a triangular altar composed of the four elements; on its three points were placed the bird, the altar and the torch. Both paragraphs are in substance similar to the Puissance des nombres d’apres Pythagore by Jean Marie Ragon. It was a white hquid contained in a well stopped phial. Know also that all of them are null if thou employ them not in the order in which thou hast received them. After eighteen days I ascended the embankment by means of a white marble platform.

Most Holy Trinosophia of the Comte De St. Germain by Comte St. Germain

Even now, they are settling what to do with him, whether he shall be instrument or victim; by noon all will be decided. Trihosophiabefore the Lodge trinlsophia Les Trinosophists, he delivered a course of lectures on ancient and modem initiation which he repeated at the request of that lodge in The title itself opens a considerable field of speculation.

Rien gardait I’equilibre et servait de soutien. In one of his tales concerning vampires, St. Apres ce temps j ‘en sortis pour entrer dans une vaste place environnee de colonnades et de portiques dores au milieu de la place etoit un pied d’estal de bronze, il supportoit un grouppe qui presentoit I’image d’un homme grand et fort, sa tete majestueuse etoit couverte d’un casque couronne; a travers les mailles de son armure d’or, sortoit un vetement bleu; il tenoit d’une main un baton blanc, charge de caracteres, et tendoit I’autre its red colour had been transformed into black.


Only deep study and trinosphia will unravel the complicated skein of its symbolismAlthough the text matter is treated with the utmost simplicity, every line is a profound enigma. He found these various texts in different parts of Europe, no doubt, and that he had a true knowledge of their import is proved by the fact that he attempted to conceal some forty fragmentary ancient texts by scattering them within the lines of his own writing. Vowels are often omitted, and at times several letters are missing with merely dots to indicate their number.

He made a movement with his hand as if in signal of departure, then said ‘I am leaving ich scheide do not visit me. It is simply a malicious lie.

A golden ball topped the edifice. I then touched it and each molecule became a golden sun like the one I had broken. I was contemplating this majestic scene when the star which had guided me to the platform and which was slowly swinging overhead, plunged into the gulf Believing that I was reading the commands of the Most High, I threw myself into the midst of the waves.

I know not how long I remained in that situation. Opinions, theories, and beliefs fall away; at the root of every emblem is a fact. We wander in the caverns of uncertainty; the ghostly forms of doubt harass us; fear steals away our strength, selfishness our vision, and ignorance our courage.

Yet his own text does not appear to have any connection with these ancient writings. When asked once about himself, he replied that his father was trknosophia Secret Doctrine and his mother the Mysteries.

The twelve plates corresponding to the twelve houses of the zodiac. Louis was amused and thrilled by turns.