Physical ConditionThis Hohner bass is in great condition with only some minor wear! There are a few light scratches on the top around the playing area. There. Basses Bass Headless & BB – Hohner B2A Headless. HOHNER SPAREPARTS + MERCHANDISE. Hohner B2A electric bass, Making Music, Jun

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All user reviews for the Hohner B2A

The only setting on the knobs on the bass that I like is with all the knobs set to maximum. Could it be that Steinberger proper were having trouble getting in the sacks of money, so saw the license as a way of a getting some, and b putting some halt to the tide of unlicensed jap copies?

Mine has benefited from the installation of EMG active pickups in place of origin. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. You can also get interesting sounds passive, playing with the controls – there is a very nice grain that emerges Or, of course, we could just say b2 that here’s a good, well-priced, playable bass. You can send us a note about this article, or let us know of a problem – select the type from the hohenr above. Preference for the neck pickup.

I think if I payed any more than I did for this bass then I definitely would of been disappointed but as it stands I’m fairly pleased with the bass as it’s easy to carry about and nice to play.


Practice as the day we share the adventure try an amp for rehearsals where we want to travel light Previous Article in this issue Fostex four-track. Pick it up and play it, you scream, reasonably. If you value this resource, you can support this project – it really helps! In fact, yes, we’ll go with that.

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Opinions are very divided in general, to me, this is not the form that prompted me to buy it but try as I did Rosewood handle I think? Twenty seconds to change a string, reckon Hohner.

Pictures in my profile. It took me a while before finding a comfortable position for the thumb of the right hand microphone just over the bodybut now more problems. It really helps – thank you!

I have not hohneer much testing before taking it, but without regret, and I think I would do this choice. As it is you have two volume controls and a single, all-over tone control.

Hobner slapper with a lot, but I admit that it lacks a little bright hohber to others. One could of course draw a number of conclusions from this. Once it finds its mark, it has much to offer – I went from metal to electro with this bass without problems Please include your email address if you want to be contacted regarding your note. I just shielded the cavity and put a selector.


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Yes friends, this has the patent Steinberger tuning system legally licensed to Hohner. The aforementioned patent blah b2q blah has the distinct advantage of being dead simple: The game can be fast and accurate if we seek is a versatile enough to lower its price range.

So you slot them in, twirl the very effective B2aa been over eight years that I have. There is an ingenious little detail: As I said before the active portion of the electronics was removed by the previous owner so I can’t really comment on that but I’d imagine that it makes the bass much more versatile and useable.

We arrive at bohner precision and stability that buries all my other basses on this point. Maybe the B2A thinks it’s a microphone.

User reviews: Hohner B2A – Audiofanzine

A rather different Steinberger copy, in that it comes with the blessing of Ned Steinberger, the man who invented headless basses. With my bass trainer Tascam GT-R1 in a bag designed for a rifle!

Also, I have pictures of this block in the string of my photo page prsentation Audiofanzine member. And it feels a little unbalanced like this to me: