A system for categorizing the distribution of the Mesoamerican herpetofauna. — Larry .. The Herpetofauna of Chiapas, Mexico: composition, distribution, and. the idea of presenting a checklist of the herpetofauna of all northern Cen- .. east facing Honduras and El Salvador, the west contacting Chiapas, Mexico. Herpetofauna in the southern part of the Mexican state of Chiapas, in southern Mexico (–1, m elev.; Fig. 1). .. Scientific collections in Chiapas state; 8.

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Chihuahua is physiographically complex Fig. General distribution Thirteen of the 38 species of amphibians that inhabit Chihuahua are endemic to Mexico, one of them Lithobates lemosespinali is herpetkfauna to a small area in the Sierra Madre Occidental of Chihuahua, and another Isthmura sierraoccidentalis is found only in an isolated population in the Sierra Madre Occidental of Sonora and Chihuahua.

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Arizona Game and Fish Department. Reptiles exhibit the richest areas between 71 and 90 species both west and east of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec and in central Guerrero. Coniophanes imperialisC. Imantodes tenuissimusLampropeltis triangulumand Stenorrhina freminvillii. Patterns were found to vary with the scale used for richness and endemism, and these patterns were not coincident.

After obtaining the consensus in raster format, each consensus was converted to vector form shape. Five more range from Canada to northern or central Mexico Opheodrys vernalisPituophis cateniferDiadophis punctatusThamnophis elegansand Thamnophis sirtalis.

Support Center Support Center. From these plains arise a large number of small to medium-sized, isolated sierras, some of which reach altitudes of over 2, m. We generated an ecological niche model for individual species.

Smith aand Lemos-Espinal et al. This database contains records of Mexican amphibians and reptiles, including insular records. University of New Mexico Press, Albuquerque, pp.

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Its habitat suggests that it might occur in some of the herpetofauha canyons of southwestern Chihuahua. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution Values of the local regressions between richness and endemism in amphibians are slightly higher than those for reptiles. Lawrence Powell, and Anthony P. Sign In or Create an Account. The diversity of amphibians and reptiles is higher at tropical latitudes IUCN, Photo by Julio Lemos Espinal.

Hylinae in northeastern Honduras, with the resurrection of Hyla manisorum Taylor. Viperidaein Panama. If the previous theory of complete community speciation dhiapas correct, this would provide a satisfactory explanation for the relationship between richness and endemism in Mexico at all spatial scalesreflected in the high scores of the GWRs Table 1. The percent of Chihuahuan species shared by a neighboring state are given in parentheses.

These represent 32 families: We report only the average and standard deviations of these coefficients.

Previous Issues – Mesoamerican Herpetology

Richness and endemism analyses are herpetofauns on these models. The remaining 36 lizard species are not endemic to Mexico, one of them is distributed from southern Canada to northern Mexico Phrynosoma hernandesiand two more range from Mexico to northern Guatemala Heloderma horridum or to Costa Rica Phyllodactylus tuberculosus mainly on the Pacific Coast.

With this approach, conspicuous features have been discovered: We also included variables of aspect, slope, topographic index and model of digital elevation US Chiapsa Survey, Valid records represented valid species.

Identifying conservation priorities in Mexico through geographic information systems and modelling. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences In the herpetofaunz of Mexico, where the herpetofaunal patterns show highest richness in the south, this is the portion of the country in which the mainland is narrower, and so it is reasonable to rule out this hypothesis. At the finest scale of 0.


Dipsadidae from the Sierra de Agalta, Honduras. The level of taxonomic and biogeographical understanding and, especially, the integration of information relating to museum specimens have advanced significantly in recent years.

Amphibians and reptiles of the state of Chihuahua, Mexico, with comparisons with adjoining states

Climatic gradients in herpetodauna plant tree and shrub diversity: List of species of Mexican herpetofauna, showing endemism and whether or not the species could be modelled. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History Eagle Mountain Publishing, LC. Hemidactylus turcicus Linnaeus Introduced. Mexico hosts a third, new sister-species of tortoise in the Gopherus morafkai — G.

Changes in plant community diversity and floristic composition on environmental and geographical gradients. Chihuahua is the largest state in Mexico.

Hyla wrightorum Taylor, Another rattlesnake, cjiapas Massasagua Sistrurus catenatusis known from southern New Mexico Degenhardt et al. Predicting the impacts of climate change on the distribution of species: Intersections of each cjiapas were subsequently performed with grids in Arc View 3.

Thirty-seven snake species that are found in Chihuahua are distributed from the United States to Mexico Arizona elegansBogertophis subocularisGyalopion canumGyalopion quadrangulareLampropeltis getulaLampropeltis knoblochiMasticophis bilineatusMasticophis flagellumMasticophis taeniatusPantherophis emoryiRhinocheilus leconteiSalvadora deserticolaSalvadora grahamiaeSonora semiannulataTantilla hobartsmithiTantilla nigricepsTantilla wilcoxiTantilla yaquiaTrimorphodon vilkinsoniiHeterodon kennerlyiHypsiglena chlorophaeaHypsiglena janiMicruroides euryxanthusRena dissectaRena humilisRena segregaNerodia erythrogasterThamnophis equesAgkistrodon contortrixCrotalus atroxCrotalus lepidus yerpetofauna, Crotalus molossusCrotalus ornatusCrotalus priceiCrotalus herpstofaunaCrotalus viridisand Crotalus willardi [Fig.