This paper model is Samaritan Revolver, Hellboy’s weapon, based on the Hellboy comic and film, the papercraft is created by UHU You can download this. This is the Samaritan gun, the big-barreled shooter that Hellboy uses only after muttering Samaritan Gun Papercraft [Way Nifty via ToyCyte]. We thought HAL was pretty cool, but this papercraft model of Hellboy’s Good Samaritan is ridiculously detailed, down to the hammer, cylinder and.

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Samaritan-Gun Hellboy Revolver Papercraft

This is our second custom vinylmation…. Some blue Regal blue, in this case and a touch more black was added and the helboy repeated, a bit less intensly than the first two layers, but evening out the colour a bit more.

Login to remove ads. Very impressive project MM, and a nicely detailed build thread! Find all posts by Zathros.

One of the simplest improvement to the basic kit is to cut out the slots on the side of the top strap. A short hand-drawn animation created in Adobe Flash and After Effects about one mans reflection on his life. I second what paperccraft said, I know some cops who’d stop you for sure.

And make it look more like this: Find all posts by mousemuffins. I made this as a full tube and cut it to fit.


Bullets And Paper Cuts: Hellboy’s Samaritan – Geekologie

Appologies to UHU02, you are not to be doubted. Actually, this model is very well suited to this building approach, with lapercraft its flat sides and sharp angles, and simple colouring.

Firstly, and simply, a couple of bars running down each side under the barrel. Send a private message to ThunderChild. This is helllboy basic plan for all parts, but you will need to plan ahead, and subtract a bit from many parts to allow for the thickness of card on other edges.

Cheapest you can get. The spring came from a cheap pen. Second, a bit of a bulge at the rear of the recoil compensator tube.

I the painted most of it silver, as it would be difficult to reach with a brush later on.

Here’s a picture of the carnage so far: The second layer fills in much of the area not coverd by the first. It’s puts me in mind of 12 guage shotgun sort of size. Firstly, I painted the whole grip a nice orangey brown Then I mixed up a glaze of dark purply red brown, and applied it with my trusty demented spider brush in a deliberatly streaky manner a glaze is a mix of paint and varnish to make a semi-tranparent goo.

The important thing with the stippling is that it be uneven, but consistent. This will make it more difficult to roll up, but take your time and all be okay.

Hellboy – Samaritan Revolver Free Paper Model Download

Hellboy, the outlook still is not. I’m working on more of the details today, the BPRD logos on the grip in particular.


Try doing that with your regular card model! Anyhoo, after the rather happy way the colt is turning out, I’ve decided to go for something even chunkier, in the manner of UHU02’s Hell Boy Samaritan Gun. Page 1 of 4.

Something the instructions would have you do is leave one side of the frame loose so you can fit a retaining pin inside and then close it up.

Resources saved on this page: The Hellbpy logos were picked out in a dirty silver colour ; and highlighted helkboy shaded a bit for a bit extra life ; The thing you want to acheive when painting a model this size, is not to have the whole thing just one colour. All times are GMT Send a private message to mousemuffins. UHU02’s Hellboy Samaritan build Okay, in the tradition of all things card modeling, I’m going to start a new project before I finish the last one paprecraft nothings colt navy build thread I was never really great at papercrafts.

This was quite an engineering feat, and way beyond my normal scope as I’m usually quite happy with non-working replicas.