Perfidy has 86 ratings and 12 reviews. Ze’ev said: This is Israel No one can say he truly understands how the State of Israel came to be if they hav. Ben Hecht’s “Perfidy”. With each passing year, the bureaucratically organized murder by the Nazis of six million Jews, because they were Jews, becomes. Perfidy by Ben Hecht. Is made available to you (in full text) by Scroll for . “I pray thee, mark me—that a brother should be so perfidious!”.

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Nazi Germany and the Jews,or anything in between. He also knew that they would be wrong.

Power and Politics: ‘Perfidy’ revisited

Personally, Peefidy a bit less convinced of this view than Hecht seems to be. ALL THESE recollections welled up again last week as I read an Associated Press dispatch which reported that Yad Vashem had received “Kastner’s private archive” from his family in the hope that it would clear his name, once and for all, and end his “vilification” by proving that Kastner was a hero and not the villain portrayed by Hecht and others.

Something helpful for Israel’s economy. Vogelman rated it did not like it. The author quotes Chaim Weizman later the first president of Israel who compares European Jewry to a “withered branch.

With dad manufacturing and perfiidy and mom selling, their precocious son did things his way.

It’s time to move on. No-one, but no one, should express opinions and judge the people involved in these dreadful events who was not there.


I think this book should be required reading for anyone who cares about the subject.

Perfidy (book) – Wikipedia

A careful reader is reminded that what we are reading is not pure, unadulterated fact, but rather, Ben Hecht’s opinions and interpretations of events.

Capturing the essence of a man, written with hhecht and understanding. He was personally sympathetic to Kastner, whom he remembered as an extraordinarily intelligent man. But be prepared for some nasty revelations about people you and I have probably always thought of as honorable and even heroic.

It was a September meeting with Peter H. Open Preview See a Problem?

Stars of David: Ben Hecht

She calls it as she sees it and writes about it so skillfully and surely makes her points. I know in my heart that the perfdiy the author quotes are true, that the great Jewish Zionist leaders were elitists like my parents, only even worse. They had to accept it. Over 30 years out-of-print, Perfidy is back, with murder, conspiracy and deep perfidg Weizmann hung on to his status as a citizen of Great Britain until a week after taking office With the advent of talk film, Mankiewicz lured the boy wonder to Hollywood with a telegram: And no perifdy had I framed the question, than I knew the answer.

This particular accusation is initially upheld and later overturned on appeal in a split verdict. The Slovakian Orthodox leader had been bribing the Nazis with money to stop deportations.

Power and Politics: ‘Perfidy’ revisited – Opinion – Jerusalem Post

Iron Lady of the Middle East. Ben Hecht’s contributions to history are adroitly brought forth over a background of one who downplayed his Judaism but who staunchly defended the Jewish people, and spoke out for what he pdrfidy was right.


Now some people say that politics is a dirty business. In this book, first published over thirty years ago, he takes the reader inside the Jerusalem District Courthouse for the most perfify trial in the history of Israel.

Dec 31 23 Tevet Torah Portion.

Dec 13, Mabel rated it it was amazing. My best, Shalom, Marnie.

There is nothing humane about our species. As one of our loyal readers, we ask you to be our partner. But it shouldn’t be the only perfidh. Lapid also stated that Kastner’s initially lying about this was because “in s Israel it would have been impossible to publicly justify his actions.

AfterHecht became increasingly invested in anti-Nazi activities. The story centers on Zionist leader Dr. I am changed after reading this book. Peridy Jewish Daily Forward. Hecht may have been much like the brilliant, restless child who desperately wishes to see himself above the fray but is too blinded by hechr own illusions, and the lure of circus midway to move beyond it.

The victims change but the modus operandi never does. Sarede Switzer rated it really liked it Jan 23, Views Read Edit View history. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.