A HBM: public. 3. Application. The T40B torque flange measures static and dynamic torques on stationary and rotating shafts. Test beds can. Consult HBM Test and Measurement’s entire Torque T40B catalogue on DirectIndustry. Page: 1/8. The key features of T40B, a digital torque transducer from HBM are ruggedness and accuracy. It is equipped with a magnetic rotational speed measuring system.

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Cost-effective, robust and precise. The versatile T40B torque sensor is ideally suited for test bench applications in research and development, as well as End-of-Line tests EoL in production. T40B is outstanding for its precision, reproducibility and robustness and is particularly well suited for static and dynamic torque measurement. The torque transducer features 0.

Combined with the integrated magnetic rotational speed measuring system, it allows for power measurement in the drive train. Non-contact power supply and digital signal transmission guarantee fail-safe and maintenance-free operation. nbm

Torque T40B – HBM Test and Measurement – PDF Catalogs | Technical Documentation | Brochure

Cost-effective, high-performance torque transducer for high precision and reproducibility of measurement results in test benches. Innovative t40n data transmission delivers reliable measured data, even in difficult ambient conditions. T40B torque transducers combined with Genesis High Speed are well-suited for this task.


They feature an optional rotational speed measuring system with reference pulse that provides information about the absolute rotor position, which is required for analysis purposes.

Please click here to download CAD files.

Please send me a quote for T40B further information. High accuracy of only 0.

Torque Measurement Applications

Digital transmission mission with error detection ensures interference-immune data transmission without loss of accuracy High vibration strength, therefore robust in use. Robust, magnetic rotational speed measuring system Analog and digital interfaces for easy integration with different test bench systems Nominal rated torques from 50 Nm to 10 kNm Optional: Robust magnetic rotational speed measuring system with reference pulse for acquiring the absolute rotor position.

Connection cables for torque, rotational speed and TMC Cable sockets Connection cable Further information can be found in the data sheet. R40b at its best: HBM is offering you advanced torque t04b facilities bhm your torque sensors up to kNm. It is suitable for test bench concepts with challenging torque and speed measurements. The TIM40 interface module provides additional analog and digital outputs for your T40 series torque transducer.


The QuantumX MXB digital pulse and frequency module acquires rotational speed, torque, angle, position, displacement, pulse width modulation precisely. HBMshop See prices, availability and get an instant quote.

Connection and Configuration of a T40 Torque Flange with the PMX System | HBM

Get a quote now! Individual offer Technical advice Fast response. T40B – Data Sheet. TIM40 – Data Sheet.

HBM T40B – Digital Torque Transducer

HBM torque measurement technology – Brochure. T40 family – Brochure.

T40 family – Brochure Russian. T40B – Istruzioni per il montaggio. T40B – Mounting Instructions.

T40B – Notice de montage. T40B Mounting instructions Japanese. T40 – EU Declaration of Conformity.