Passacaglia in G Minor (after G.F. Handel’s Keyboard Suite No. 7 in G Minor, HWV VI. Passacaille) (arr. S. Hvartchilkov for violin and guitar). By Johan. Check out Passacaglia in G minor (after G.F. Handel’s Keyboard Suite No. 7 in G Minor, HWV VI. Passacaille) by Antoine Bareil & Stéphane Tétreault on. The BBC work page for Passacaglia in G minor on a Theme by Handel by Johan Halvorsen. Find upcoming concerts, watch performances, and learn more.

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Passacaglia for Violin and Viola (Halvorsen, Johan)

It is usually of a serious character and is often, but not always, based on a bass- ostinato and written in triple metre. The term passacaglia Spanish: Despite f form’s Spanish roots confirmed by references in Spanish literature of the periodthe first written examples of passacaglias are found in an Italian source dated The passacaglia was redefined in the late s by Italian composer Girolamo Frescobaldiwho transformed it into a series of continuous variations over a bass which itself may be varied.

The two genres are closely related, but since “composers often used the terms chaconne and passacaglia indiscriminately [ For example, Percy Goetschius held that the passacavlia is usually based on a harmonic sequence with a recurring soprano melody, and the passacaglia was formed over a ground bass pattern, [5] whereas Mknor Lucas defined the two forms in precisely the opposite way.


Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber ‘s “Passacaglia”, the last piece of the monumental Rosary Sonatasis one of the earliest known compositions for solo violin. The central episode of Claudio Monteverdi ‘s madrigal “Lamento della Ninfa” is a passacaglia on a descending tetrachord.

The fourth movement of Luigi Boccherini ‘s Quintettino No. Nineteenth-century examples handell the C-minor passacaglia for organ by Felix Mendelssohn, and the finale of Josef Rheinberger ‘s Eighth Organ Sonata. Notable passacaglias by Johannes Brahms can be found in the last movement of his Fourth Symphonyas well as the Variations on a Passacagkia by Haydnin which the bass repeats the same harmonic pattern throughout the piece.

The passacaglia proved an enduring form throughout the twentieth century and beyond. In mid-century, one writer stated that “despite the inevitable lag in the performance of new music, there are more twentieth-century passacaglias in the active repertory of performers than baroque works in this form”.

Passacaille (Passacaglia) in G Minor – Georg Friedrich Händel | Sheet music to download

In his operas, Britten often uses a passacaglia to create the climactic moment of the drama. Britten also employed the form t smaller vocal forms, such as the Serenade for Tenor, Horn and Strings and The Holy Sonnets of John Donne for voice ahndel piano, as well as in purely instrumental compositions, notably in the second and third Cello suitesthe second and third string quartets, the Cello Symphonyand the Nocturnal after John Dowland for guitar.


Shostakovich restricted his use of the passacaglia to instrumental forms, the most notable examples being found in his Tenth String QuartetSecond Piano TrioEighth and Fifteenth Symphoniesand First Violin Concerto. Hindemith employed the form to conclude his ballet, Nobilissima Visioneand hamdel is also found in his early Sonata for viola solo, Op. Igor Stravinsky used the form for the central movement of his Septeta transitional work between his neoclassical and serial periods.

Especially important examples of the form are found in the output of the Second Viennese School. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Spanish folk music Spanish jazz Spanish hip hop Spanish opera Spanish rock.

Baroque Classical Flamenco Latina Morisca. Music genres in the Hispanosphere. Candombe Milonga Murga Tango.

Passacaglia – Wikipedia

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