Guy Claxton’s beautifully written book takes in intellectual and cultural history, literature, and spirituality. In The Wayward Mind, the common image of the mind is. The Wayward Mind: An Intimate History of the Unconscious. Guy Claxton, Author Little Brown and Company $35 (p) ISBN The Wayward Mind – An Intimate Happiness of the Unconscious Guy Claxton explores the history of the unconscious, as well as up to the minute science.

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It wanders off while I’m trying to concentrate.

Sleep problems are a common issue for school-aged children and can be a stressful situation for child and parent alike. In The Wayward Mind, the common image of the mind is skillfully redrawn to acknowledge the constant influence of its invisible foundations on everyday human behavior.

Well, I am a neuroscientist, and after 40 years in the trade, I have my doubts.

At one moment you may be reading about Plato’s view of the unconscious as a form of volcanic activity, and half a page later be immersed in a 19th-century fairy tale or Siberian shamans. Gets its shit back together in the closing chapter, in which the book returns to humbler, more exploratory ground – even if the warnings against taking unsubstantiated scientific speculation too seriously might be better di Better in the earlier “these are some things that people have thought” chapters than in the later, breathless-exclamation-laden “these are some things I know” portion particularly with leading neuroscientists coming forward to assure Claxton his facts are kind of all wrong.

The Wayward Mind: An Intimate History of the Unconscious – Guy Claxton – Google Books

For anyone who ever wondered why people can be terrified of harmless things, why tunes get stuck in their head or what happens during hypnosis, this vigorously written, fascinating yet accessible book is a must. Is is the mental microchip of cognitive science? Is it ‘God’s viceroy’, the soul? Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Has your child received a medical diagnosis for a long term illness or health condition? Waywar love the sheer ambition of this book, and the author’s erudition and the breadth of references.


Phreemind rated it it was amazing May 10, And without such gods and forces, some psychological machinery is needed to take over their work. Want to Read saving…. Olivia rated it it was amazing May 29, When we hallucinate, do the gods speak through us, or is there a disturbance in our neurotransmitter metabolism?

Winter’s Snow by Carrie Hope Fletcher. Create An Buy Why Join?

The Wayward Mind – An Intimate Happiness of the Unconscious

In the process, they postpone their healing and can drive themselves further into addiction. Really interesting intellectual history of the idea of the unconscious, coupled with some relevant neuroscience. Guy Claxton is an internationally renowned writer, consultant, lecturer and academic specialising in creativity, education and the mind. No eBook available Amazon.

Hoffman, John G Gunderson. Marcus rated it it was amazing Apr 26, Welcome to Night Vale: Wahward editions – View all The Wayeard Mind: Modern neuroscience can, it seems, as tidily explain “the unconscious” as it can consciousness.

He has a double first in Natural Science from Cambridge, a doctorate in psychology from Oxford and has held the post of Visiting Professor in Learning Science at the Claxtom of Bristol since Books by Guy Claxton.

Resilience is the ability to cope with and recover from difficult situations.

The Wayward Mind

I loved the way he used so much intellectual history to tell his story, while continually connecting it back to emerging neuroscience. Peter Nissvuth rated it liked it Sep 26, One particularly egregious metaphor even described calxton as a sort of neural dimmer switch. You may experience flashbacks and traumatic thf, suffer with sleep difficulties and nightmares, and struggle to manage intense emotions, impulses, and the desire to avoid closeness.


Are our dreams the bubbling to the surface of murkily repressed desires, or predictors of the future?

The Wayward Mind – An Intimate Happiness of the Unconscious Book Review by Uncommon Knowledge

I learned a lot from the book. But, as he warns us from the start, he is not one to prevent his mind – or pen – from wandering as he travels centuries and continents. Supernatural ‘fairy stories’ tge some internal proxy or contact point through which the influence of demons and spirits can flow. To pose the question in literary terms, did Ulysses have as rich an inner life as Molly Bloom, or did Homer merely ignore what was so important to Joyce? This self-help guide includes: Your discipline parenting style may change if you feel that they ‘suffer enough’ already.

This book by Julia Bueno – a psychotherapist who has herself suffered multiple miscarriages and has been a trustee and volunteer for the Miscarriage Association – will engage with questions around how we respond to women’s bodies and reproductive health, our attitudes to birth and death, and how both technology and science impact upon these questions too.

Invariably clever, but sayward consistently insightful and certainly not quite what I was expecting. Supernatural ‘fairy stories’ need some internal proxy or contact point through which the influence of demons and spirits wayard flow.

Jan 10, Lee Kofman rated it really liked it. In Claxton, are we learning about the history of the unconscious, or the history of ways of representing the unconscious? Micro-Resilience by Bonnie St. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. For example many parents feel that their child needs more understanding, is more fragile or is struggling to cope physically or emotionally.