With Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson, G. I. Gurdjieff intended to “destroy, mercilessly the beliefs and views about everything existing in the world. Beelzebub’s Tales To. His Grandson. G.I. Gurdjieff. ALL AND EVERYTHING. Ten Books in Three Series. FIRST SERIES: Three books under the title of “An. Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson has ratings and 77 reviews. The teaching of G. I. Gurdjieff () has come to be recognized as one of the mos.

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The higher powers in the Universe were afraid that the people on Earth would find out what their true meaning and purpose was, so they planted an additional organ called Kundabuffer within the human being. AND indeed, soon after this rumor, practical experiments open to all, again under the superintendence of the Great Archangel Adossia, were made with this grandon and later very famous invention.

Aug 13, G. But in fact Gurdjieff did the exact opposite of that.

And he then put it to his friend as follows: And the idea of employing the ‘force of weight’ they explained thus: I gurdjiefg also studied the enneagram quite extensively. This was the last work of fiction I read in that nebulous time after going nuts, dropping out of undergraduate, and finally spending a few months wandering homeless through suburban and metropolitan Atlanta, but before being plucked up off the street thanks to a very lucky recommendation from a professor I’ll forever owe to lead the development team at what would become Reflex Security.

But every duty they fulfilled was fulfilled only from the fear and apprehension of ‘threats’ and ‘menaces’ from outside. Even in such a case, one of the aspects of my peculiar psyche, unusual for the normal man, has now already begun to torment the whole of me. It could assuredly be said that even the best expert of modern Greek would understand simply nothing of what I should write in the native language I assimilated in childhood, because, my dear “compatriots,” as they might be called, being also inflamed with the wish at all costs to be like the representatives of contemporary civilization also granfson their conversation, have during these thirty of forty years treated my dear native language just as the Armenians, anxious to become Russian intelligentsia, have treated theirs.

And yet, if you should chance to be there among them, you would be unable to prevent the process in yourself of the ‘being-Nerhitrogool,’ that is, the process which, again there on the Earth, is called ‘irrepressible inner laughter,’ that is to say, you would not be able to restrain yourself from such laughter, if in some way or another, they were suddenly clearly to sense and understand, without any doubt whatever, that not only does nothing like ‘light,’ ‘darkness,’ ‘heat,’ and so on, come to their planet from their Sun itself, but that their supposed ‘source of heat and beelzrbubs is itself almost always freezing cold like the ‘hairless-dog’ of our highly esteemed Mullah Nassr Eddin.


And it does not issue from anything, but blends always with everything and becomes self-sufficiently independent; therefore, in the whole of the Universe, it alone can be called and extolled as the ‘Ideally-Unique-Subjective-Phenomenon.


Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson by G.I. Gurdjieff

Russian and Armenian original. So when I learned about this terrible fact, there almost occurred in my whole presence a ‘Skinikoonartzino,’ that is to say, the connection between my separate being-centers was almost shattered.

The point is that this dexterity was thoroughly taught me only a few days before this event by a Greek priest from Turkey, who, persecuted by Turks for his political convictions, had been compelled to flee from there, and having arrived in our town had been hired by my parents as a teacher for me of the modern Greek language.

Very challengi An alien, guilty of an unnamed crime, is banished from the center of the universe to live on mars for millenia. All joking even philosophical joking aside, you, it seems, thanks to all these deviations, have transgressed one of the chief principles elaborated in you and put in the basis of a system planned previously for introducing your dreams into life by means of such a new profession, which principle consists in this, always to remember and take into account the fact of gransson weakening of the functioning of the mentation of the contemporary reader and not to fatigue him with the perception of numerous ideas over a short time.

It can manifest itself effectively and successfully and fulfill the purpose of its existence, preordained by the CREATORonly in that sphere appropriate to it.

During the period to which this tale of ours refers, all the passengers were occupied either with their duties, or grandaon with the actualization of what is called “active being mentation.

Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson

Some may say it is simply a list of why the world is messed up. This strange disease is manifested by this, that if the invalid is somewhat literate and his rent is paid for three months in advance, he she or it unfailingly begins to write either some “instructive article” or a whole book.

In this display, he noticed one “fruit,” very beautiful in both color and form, and its appearance so took his fancy and he so longed to try it, that in spite of his having scarcely any money, he decided to buy without fail at least one of these gifts of Great Nature, and taste it. Jan 20, Ron Mwangaguhunga rated it it was amazing.


What are you thinking so deeply about? Originally written in Russian and Armenian, it has twice been translated into English: In his prospectus for All and Everythingprinted at the beginning of each part of the trilogy, Gurdjieff states his aim in publishing these texts:.

As this “principle,” now already universal, arose on that same planet on which you too arose and on which, moreover, you exist almost always on a bed of roses and frequently dance the fox trot, I consider I have no right to withhold from you the information known to me, elucidating certain details of the arising of just that universal principle.

Even those who only a day before had sent him flowers and various other offerings and had almost worshiped him also soon became such bitter enemies of his, owing to the constant gossip, that it was as if he had not only injured them personally, but had slaughtered and butchered all their near and dear ones.

He also undertook the task to investigate all the philosophical meanderings that commonly becomes revealed when someone assumes the responsibility to answer questions dealing with our existence on Earth. The books he wrote have not just been a great source of argumentativeness, but also astonishment. Swarms of horrible beings blow police-whistles in every square; and all the ‘furniture,’ ‘carpets,’ ‘beds,’ and so on there, are made of fine needles with their points sticking out.

All and Everything

Beelzebub is the protagonist of the book, who ruminates his past experiences in a solar system called “Ors” our solar system where he had been banished for rebelling against His Endlessness. Beelzebub reist mit seinem Neffen What characterizes the author is that he inaugurated the rest of the world by developing a method whereby a man could gradually evolve through observing oneself objectively.

Archangel Looisos is the Arch-Chemist-Physician of the Universe who invented the special organ Kundabufferwhich beelaebubs implanted at the base of the human spine in order that they should not perceive reality.

Ouspensky puts these thoughts about consciousness and our ideas of morality in an interesting context below. If you approach All and everything with an open mind you are likely to learn a lot, but the precise means in which we are influenced by the books remains unforeseeable.