GLBP is a Cisco proprietary protocol that attempts to overcome the limitations of existing This section will first go over the configuration process steps and commands that are used to perform a basic GLBP configuration. An example. In the previous lesson we showed you a load balancing mechanism and I’ll still argue that that’s the best way to go. Gateway Load Balancing Protocol – GLBP is .

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For a virtual gateway the state can be one of the following: An interface must be up and configured to route IP, and an interface IP address must be configured. Back in the day when HSRP was created, they only had one. R2 config-if glbp 1 load-balancing weighted.

GLBP & GLBP Basic Configuration – Cisco & Cisco Network Hardware News and Technology

Router-A show glbp brief. It seems pretty benign, right?

Tables 2 and 3 show the basic commands that are required to configure GLBP between the two devices shown in Figure 1. R2 config-if glbp 10 preempt. Indicates that the virtual MAC address has not been assigned or learned. Page 1 of 1. Create and enter into key chain — configuratiin configuration mode. Create a tracked object.

You can use a simple text password authentication scheme between GLBP group members to detect configuration errors. R2 config-if glbp 10 timers 5 So we can see we’re active, virtual IP address but the reality is there is far more to it than what we can even get into in this discussion.


Configuring redundancy with GLBP

This is all done transparently to the end user. Forwarder preemption works in a similar way, except that forwarder preemption uses weighting instead of priority and is enabled by default. About Affiliates Cisco Systems, Inc. The default priority decrement value is I hope that this article provided some insight into tlbp configuration steps that are required to sxample GLBP and get it up and running.

You could only get any kind of load balancing if you add multiple groups. R1 config-if no shutdown. Host-dependent algorithm guarantees that the same gateway will always be used for a specific configurwtionas long as there is no changes on the AVF number.

Subscribe to newsletter To be informed of the latest articles, subscribe:. On the other hand, we give R1 priorityR2 priorityand R3 with default priority The default load balancing method for GLBP is round-robin.

This site is in not affiliated with Cisco Systems, Inc. But there is far more intelligence baked configuratiln this technology, where when a client ARPs, short for Address Resolution Protocol, for it’s default gateway, one client could get one response, a different client would get a different response, because all of the routers are forwarding.

GLBP is far more complicated. Previous post Next post. R2 config-if glbp 1 authentication key-chain testchain. Virtual gateway is attempting to become esample active or standby virtual gateway. How does this happen? R2 config-if ip address Indicates that this gateway is the AVF, and that it is responsible for forwarding packets sent to the virtual forwarder MAC address. The valid values for the priority are from 1 through See All Related Articles.


In this article, networking consultant Sean Wilkins takes the concepts covered in his earlier ” Introduction to GLBP ” article and discusses how those concepts can be applied to real devices.

You can configure GLBP in such a way that traffic from LAN clients can be shared by multiple routers, thereby sharing the traffic load more equitably among available routers. This router has the highest priority value, or the highest IP address in the group, if there is no highest priority.

An interface must be up and configured to route IP, an interface IP address must be configured, and the virtual IP address must be known. R1 config-if ip address For a virtual forwarder the state can be one of the following: A router within a GLBP group with a different authentication string than other routers will be ignored by other group members.