Ghosts of War has ratings and reviews. Aaron said: Using simple prose , Ryan Smithson shares with readers his experience of serving a one-year t. Chapter 1. Ryan Smithson is a junior in high school and his girlfriend is a senior. They are in school when the world trade center is bomb. Seeing this made. poster for Ryan Smithson and Ghosts of War ALUM SPEAKS AT UALBANY & HAS WORK PERFORMED ON STAGE. The UAlbany Performing.

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Ryan Smithson is a junior in high school and his girlfriend is a senior. They are in school when the world trade center is bomb. Seeing this made Ryan want to join the military but he will have to wait until he graduates. He invites a recruiter over to his home to talk to his parents. Later he and Heather visit Ground Zero the day before Ryan leaves for training. Ryan leaves foe basic training at the beginning of the chapter. When he gets to the first building he has to fill out a smihhson of different papers.

Then everyone is put in cattle cars and sent to the training building. As soon as Ryan arrives he is yelled at by a drill sergeant. This starts out with Ryan and the other recruits doing different types of drills. Then one kid from Mississippi is called out by the drill sergeant.

He is yelled at and told to do a drill alone; when someone started to laugh he was told to do them with him. Ryan has returned home and heather is in her last year of college.

After they are settled into there new home the two of them sit down and talk about what will happen if he gets deployed, and when will he be deployed.

Ryan decides to propose to heather and they get married in the park. After waiting two months Ryan is sent to North Carolina where he is now part of equipment platoon.

All of a sudden he starts doubting all of this and is thinking that joining the military might have been a mistake, but he sucks it up in the end. Smjthson and the rest of EQ Platoon is deployed to Iraq. The long flight over the Atlantic Ocean gives Ryan time to think about home and what to expect when he lands in Kuwait.

At the camp they are split into companies. They learn about PMCSing and things like that. Ryan and some other guys in the platoon are assigned to drive the dump trucks. They learn about the shifts and hours to sleep as well. Ryan and the rest of the platoon PMCS their vehicles before they lie down to go to sleep. The next morning the platoon is driving into Iraq when they see a bunch of little kids lined up on the side of the road with their hands to their mouths signaling for gjosts.

They throw some leftovers tyan and continue heading into Iraq.

Ghosts of War: The True Story of a Year-Old GI by Ryan Smithson

It opens up with EQ Platoon having to do their first mission, clearing out a dirt field checking for tunnels.

When finishing the mission the platoon equips their vehicles with some armor. They are issued rucksacks which they would be living off of for a couple of weeks. It ends with Ryan putting on night vision goggles for the first time. The EQ platoon has their first gun fight. They are ambushed at samara by the patrolling Iraqi soldiers. As Ryan pulls up gohsts his truck he is immediately under fire. He orders the troops to make a perimeter around the building that the shooting was coming dar.

Jus as they are doing that the shooters from the building accidentally detonates the bomb killing everyone in the building. This chapter opens up telling about what everyone is doing on their down time at the camp. While some of ghodts guys are playing poker their commander walks in and looks stressed out.


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He walks out and the lieutenant comes in the room telling the guys that their commander is a neat freak. The chapter closes with the guys stripping down ryam Humvees that were blown up by msithson Iraqis. This is a flashback to when Ryan was in training. The Drill Sergeant comes out with a white flag making the recruits think they are going to White Phase.

He says they have failed and they start with the drills. They do a rhan where it is a race to see what line of recruits can shoot a dummy M16 with a penny balanced on it, if the penny falls the recruit fails and starts over. In this chapter Ryan returns to his bunk to find smthson letter from a second grader in North Carolina. Inside there is a picture drawn by the little boy. To the right the boy says his name is Dylan and asks Ryan how is Iraq and asks does he have a dog.

One of the other soldiers comes running in the room breathing hard explaining to everyone that he was just running from that mortar bomb. Ryan leaves the room to go to the chow building. As he is walking across the courtyard a black object, too fast for a bird, goes flying by his head. He soon realizes that the black streak hgosts he saw was a flying mortar bomb. Three more bombs are thrown inside the prison and finally someone comes to bring Ryan to his senses and he goes back to the barracks.

This chapter opens up to Rgan telling Ryan that he gets the two week leave in May that he has been wanting. So soon after he heads back to the barraks to gather his thing. He is taken out to Kuwait to wait on the plane ride home, but the times keeps getting pushed back because of all the plain holding equipment and not having enough room. When Ryan’s plane touches down in the U. She starts telling him about how there was a guy in her platoon that smkthson a couple days before his two week leave.

After the party Ryan and heather heads home and prepare to move. The two weeks fly by and Ryan is headed back to Iraq. In this chapter Ryan has just gotten back in Iraq and is smitgson a lumber hauling mission out in the desert. As he is driving down the dirt oc, out in the distance he sees a large dust devil. He hasn’t seen that many of them but this one is the biggest one. The number of the rgan devils increase as he goes further down the road, and now they are headed straight for his truck.

This chapter opens up to Ryan’s company eating breakfast at 5: The job that they have to do is go out looking for craters where IED bombs were and fill them up so that terrorist can’t put another bomb in it to make the filling whole bigger. After they are done with their job they get another mission to do on a different route. On thier way back to the camp they decide to take the road that they did the crater mission on.

While they are flying done the dirt road they spot an IED on the side, they speed up and try to get by ear as fast as possible. They come to find that it is a dummy IED and was set up to see what their reaction would be. This chapter tells about Ryan’s ssmithson bird, Jerkface. All of the guys in the barraks play with the little bird like elementary kids. It expplains that when ryan goes to chow hall Jerkface goes to the little tree by the barraks, when Ryan gets back Jerkface comes down; when Ryan goes on a mission or a job Jerkface goes to the smihhson, and when Ryan gets back Jerkface comes back down.


At the end of the chapter Ryan gets a letter freom his dad explain everything that had been going on back home. His dad tells him about a camping trip that the family took, he says that they took the dog, Haley, with them. He explains that when they got home Haley looked so misserable and down that he decided to put her to sleep. Ryan and some of the other soldiers are being surronded by a group of iraqi kids asking for food and water.

Then this one little kid is just coming of the fields from working to provide for his family, he comes up asking for water and Ryan gives him a Gaterade instead. It was said that Gaterade was not in Iraq and the kids don’t know what it is, and the boy holds up the Gaterade like it is a million dollars. On boy comes up to Ryan with a little stuffed animal and says that it is Bazoona, which means cat in Arabic, and the little boy tells Ryan to keep it so in trade ryan gives him a Gaterade as well.

When he arrives at Q-West the first person he sees is SPC hernandez, who he met on a mission out in the desert. They greet each other and Ryan goes to sit with the rest of Hernandez’s platoon.

When Ryan gets there the entire platoon looks sad so Ryan asks them whats going on. The inform him that they had just lost Jim Conklin, a man that had just been promoted to Sergeant when Ryan had left the mission back in the desert. Ryan goes to Conklins funeral, but he doesn’t want to cry because he didn’t know Conklin that well; he thinks he does’d deserve to shed tears.

At the end of the funeral Ryan ends up hgosts any way. This is a flashback to Ryan being in Blue Phase of basic training. All of the soldiers are issued laser gun M16s and a pads for the laser on thier shoulders chest an legs.


They are divided into different teams, and Ryan’s team is up smithspn. Ryan and his men spread out 10 feet apart from each other and push foward, as they do so one of his men gets shot down by a sniper.

Ryan sees the sniper and drops down to ghoste ground and crawls over to a nearby log. He lifts his head up to get a shot of, but he is too slow; just as he is about to take out the sniper he gets shot and has to sit out. At the end of the chapter Ryan and some other recruits has to go to a nearby high school and try to recruit some seniors.

In this chapter ryan is writting a letter to his wife Heather. He is telling her that he has just had the best day ever since he has been in the military. Rayn and the company thinks he is asking smithsoh a table, so when they are done with the table they have to break it down and start building the shelf.

When he is done there he heads to the chow hall and sit by an Iraqi translater that tells him what he thinks about the war and Iraqs gonvernment. When they are done talk the Iraqi man thanks Ryan and leaves. In this chapter the platoon gets some replacements added to the platoon.

Ryan get two new guys in his Humveeas they head into the desert. They are the last truck in the platoon to enter the desert.