Gerald explains what’s behind the method of predicting trends and what the Trends. Gerald Celente – Gary Doyle Show with Glenn Pelletier – November 20, Posted 4/30/14 20 Nov Subscribe to the Trends Journal today Back to . Gerald Celente is one of today’s pioneers in trend strategy. and is the publisher of the Trends Journal that has been in publication since of Year special with Gerald Celente – trends to anticipate for – 12/27/

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It wasn’t a Happy New Year for the equity markets. Hugo Lindgren and ABC News have labelled Celente’s predictions ” pessimism porn ” for their doom and the alleged eschatological thrill some people receive from imagining his predictions of the collapse of civil society in the wake of a global economic crisis. The only way that they could sustain this is by throwing cheap money and Celente coined the term “clean foods” in and predicted sustained growth in organic products in Not only in the US in the emerging markets but in Asia, and the European markets.

Member feedback about List of monetary reformers: On April 14,Paul announced the celetne of a “testing-the-waters” account, and had stated that he would decide whether he would enter the race by at least early May.

Price of coffee hasn’t gone up. Using exciting new research developed from years of uournal business experience, Mr. How did you find us? Gerald Celente who coined the term presstitute Presstitute is a term that applies to journalism that is misleadingly tailored to fit a particular partisan, financial or business agenda. Trends translate into predictions of the demands to come”, Saint Louis Post-Dispatch, p. InfoWars topic InfoWars is a far-right American conspiracy theory and fake news website.


My pleasure Mike, thanks for having me. Representative of Texas, began officially in when Paul announced his candidacy for the Republican Party nomination for the U. This is a list of monetary reformers from the past to the present according to several schools of thought. I got most of it back but lose some. Member feedback about Coast to Coast AM: Member feedback about Jim Puplava: You have a civil war in Bahrain that never makes the news because the Fifth Fleet is there.

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If you don’t prepare for the worst and something happens, you lose everything. The Economist Geald network of 25 experts whose range of specialties would rival many university faculties. Email me a unique password.

It’s a factious takeover. They’re going to cover it up.

Gerald Celente-Very Serious Economic & Geopolitical Game Changer Coming in 2015

Proving his forecast was no fluke, Mr. The presidential campaign of Ron Paul, U. Dent offers a refreshingly positive and understandable view of the future. Stephen Leeb, Robert Prechter Jr. Igor Panarin has written 15 books[3] trenss a number of articles on information warfare, psychology, and geopolitics. Supporters of publicly issued money who oppose charging interest on issuance of money, formerly called “Greenbackers” in late 19th century United States, the Austrian School who generally support a return to the gold standard or full-reserve banking, and the Post-Keynesian School whoindeed generally wish to regulate or reduce leverage and debt in the economy or direct it to “productive, non-speculative” uses.

Gerald in the media – Trends Research Institute

I am a New Yorker in case you can tell by the accent. Author Collins is the author of three books, among them: The same holds true for the jorunal. Poulton left in early Trendxfollowing a dispute concerning the transparency of the channel’s finances.


She had a trouble getting her money out but with her being French, she got it though. Search Money Metals Exchange. It’s going to cost you more to buy something and that’s the issue whether it comes jourmal devaluation of currency or typical economics supply and demand.

Bill Murphy, Harry S. On the Road with Jim Rogers. As I said, when all else fails, they take you to war. I got my gold, in gwrald days I was stupid enough to keep it in the safety deposit box, which now I have it off site to a place would nobody will find it and I had my gun because if people are going berserk and if there is a nuclear attack of that kind, you have to protect yourself and a getaway plan.

There’s simply too many people seem to have their heads in the sand, and this is important stuff for everyone to be aware of. Each episode is divided into two parts. Thompson, Carolyn, “Profiting from seeing into future Member feedback about Keiser Report: Member feedback about Survivalism: Dent is a well-known author geeald is known as the developer of The Dent Method, a forecasting approach based on changes in demographic trends. Most of these groups are jourhal of fractional-reserve banking,[1][2] a practice which is described by critics as “creating money out of thin air”.

Steve Forbes, Harry S.

Look what happened when cleente Fed announced it back in June of Me, I may call it a bias, I try to be as even thinking as but I have more of a bias toward gold. It was created with a crowdsourcing campaign on the fund-raising platform indiegogo.